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  1. friedmikey

    Favorite Rides In Lake Tahoe

    Share your favorite road rides in the Lake Tahoe area. I'm going to be up there for a week at the end of this month and I'm looking for some great routes to ride. I've already done the around-the-lake thing, and while beautiful and fairly challenging, I don't really need to do it again. Too...
  2. friedmikey

    Why is Shimano dragging their feet on a DA compact?

    I was just browsing around, and I came across the SRM Dura-Ace Compact Powermeter crankset. Somebody else had to do it for them! My question is, just what is going on in the heads of the marketing department over at Shimano? It's pretty obvious that the compact thing is...
  3. friedmikey

    Freewheel on fixed hub?

    Can I run a freewheel on a track hub with fixed (lockring) threads? For example, can I use a standard Shimano freewheel on a Campagnolo Record Pista hub? My gut says yes, since they're both 24 TPI, right? But then what about the width? I want to know for sure if it'll work before ordering...
  4. friedmikey

    Why can't I get into the classifieds?

    Clicking on the classifieds tab just brings up a blank page. I've tried in both IE and Firefox.
  5. friedmikey

    Zipp CSC Team Issue Wheels

    Anybody have experience with the Zipp CSC Team Issue wheels? I just ordered a set today to replace my Ksyrium SSC SLs. I'm soon to be logging a lot of touring miles in Europe, so I figured a more "classic" wheel would be more sensible and serviceable. I won't have much time to test them...
  6. friedmikey

    Pizza Snobbery

    What the @#$% is with these people?
  7. friedmikey

    Custom Steel or De Rosa Corum?

    Custom Sycip vs. De Rosa Corum Inspired by Cash Quest's thread, I'm also debating a De Rosa vs. something else, although my choices are a bit cheaper. So what do you guys think? Would you go for a custom steel Sycip, or is the quality, exclusivity and heritage of the De Rosa worth the extra...
  8. friedmikey

    Shattered Clavicle – Surgery – What To Know

    I shattered my right clavicle last Friday. I broke it at the end, which means that in the process, I also tore a ligament (the CC ligament, I believe). My ortho said that I definitely need surgery to set the bone in place, otherwise there’s a good chance the ligament won’t reconnect. He’s...
  9. friedmikey

    The picture doesn't make me freaking sad, okay!?

    Can someone please make it stop? How about just automatically deleting any thread titled "This picture might make some of you sad..."? Thanks
  10. friedmikey

    Titanium or Aluminum Post in a Carbon Frame

    I need a new seatpost for my TCR Composite. Aesthetically, the obvious choice is a carbon fiber post. But I’m not totally stuck on that. I know a titanium or aluminum post might look odd in a carbon frame, but if it works, well… or is that like putting Shimano on a handmade Italian frame? ;)...
  11. friedmikey

    Cycling in LA vs. Cycling in SF

    How does the cycling in the Los Angeles area compare to the San Francisco Bay Area? I’m thinking of moving to LA in the near future. But leaving the cycling paradise that is Marin County is tough. Are there plenty of good and convenient places to ride in LA? I typically ride 200-300 miles per...
  12. friedmikey

    Looking for a Giant TCR Composite

    I apologize for the spammish post, but I thought some of you folks might be interested... My good friend's shop just got a big shipment of Giant TCR Composite bikes in. As I understand it, these are pretty hard to come by at the moment. His shop got the largest allotment in the US right...
  13. friedmikey

    Aero Bars and Giant Racing Components

    I'd like to put a set of Profile Design Carbon Stryke clip on aero bars on my Giant for the AIDS/LifeCycle next week. My bike has Giant Racing Components carbon fiber handle bars mounted (31.8). From everything I've heard, clip on aeros are not an option for carbon bars, with the exception of...
  14. friedmikey

    Mountain Pedals vs. Road Pedals

    Is there a good reason why clipless mountain bike pedals use a platform that is smaller than a road bike pedal? I can definitely feel the difference between my SPDs and my SPD-SLs. So much so, that I’m tempted to put road pedals on my hardtail, despite whatever strange looks I might get. Why do...
  15. friedmikey

    Long Legs = Faster Rider?

    All other things equal, are longer legs an advantage when it comes to pedaling efficiency, power, endurance, speed, etc.? On rides, my friends that drop behind often say something along the lines of, “well you’ve got those long legs!” I’m really not that fast – I think I just push myself more...
  16. friedmikey

    More adjustable pedals/cleats

    I’m looking for a mountain bike pedal that allows more adjustment than my Shimano SPDs. Maybe my shoes are just really out of date, but I only have three choices when it comes to cleat position front to back – none of which put the cleat where I want it. I also want something that will let me...
  17. friedmikey

    Top Tube – Longer or Shorter?

    When choosing a frame, is it better to err on the short side or long side when it comes to top tube length? I’m shopping for a new frame. My top choice is the Look 555. However, I can’t decide if I’d be better off with the 59 or the 61. The biggest deciding factor between these two for me is...
  18. friedmikey

    Am I overdoing it? (Training before and after century)

    I’m doing my second century this Sunday. My first century was last Sunday. I’m trying to figure out how to break up my training over the next four days. I’m planning on riding about 30 miles today (Friday). Should I ride Saturday and Sunday, taking Monday off? Should I take Saturday off and do a...
  19. friedmikey

    LeWedge-Type Shims For Regular Shoes – Ideas?

    I use Lemond LeWedge angled shims on my road bike shoes to adjust for forefoot tilt. Incredible product! I’m trying to think of something I can use in my regular street shoes to simulate the same effect when riding my mountain bike with platform pedals. Got any ideas on what I can use? I’m...
  20. friedmikey

    New Quad Pain - Fit/Overtraining/...?

    Sorry for yet another cycling pain question that’s probably already been asked and answered, but here goes… I developed pain in my quads (vastus medialis, it seems), directly above and medial to my knees - basically right at the tip of the muscle and nowhere else. I only feel the pain when...