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  1. acpinto

    Liberty seguros

    1st of all- Another portuguese cycling team is being dismantled. 2nd - This time 3 of their riders tested positive for CERA. 3rd - one of them won the portuguese volta. Nuno Ribeiro. 4th - you shoul remember Nuno because he was one liberty rider ( manolo sainz ),i can't remember the other...
  2. acpinto

    Broken Omerta

    A football (soccer) player has told the doping was substencial in his carreer. It was not totally broken because he choosed to leave the 3 big portuguese clubs ( and he played in everyone of it ) out of the story... Finnaly football his implicated, hope that from now they treat football the...
  3. acpinto

    portuguese doping

    this happened 2 or 3 weeks ago but i was trying to get more material to write this thread. but as usual in portugal when it comes to doping they only mention who get caught and nothing more. The News, and i don't know if you guys are aware of it, is that the Team LA-MSS was caught with...
  4. acpinto

    Another thread on LA

    This was in the news of the cyclingforums but the link is: Comments please. I found this very amusing!:D
  5. acpinto

    Spanish judge as said no one in astana ii being investigated

    I heard on eurosport(portugal). Can you beleive this?
  6. acpinto

    FL Confidential? for those who don´t believe

    Just starting the thread to ear those who don´t believe in miracles, explain what they believe it happens.