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  1. complience

    hard tail mountain bike with remote lockout front forks?

    I bought a Focus Black Hills 2007 with Suntour XCR, 100mm, Remote Lockout front forks. I'm now looking for a bike for my brother but the 2008 model doesnt come with it any more Im looking for a new hard tail mountain bike in the £300 - £700 price range but most importantly (with remote...
  2. complience

    indexing shimano Dura Ace gears

    Can anyone tell me.. or give me a link for the proper way to setup and index your Shimano gears. I currently have a problem that my gear shifting works fine.. part from a couple of gears that derail when under strain. Must understanding of index gears is that this shouldn't happen.. if it...
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    need an admin

    I need one of my posted edited.. which admin should i contact? Regards.
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    DURA ACE Cranks - how to remove?

    Im not sure how to remove my dura ace crank bolts.. I have the correct hex wrench for the job.. but do the bolts loosen by turning them clockwise or counter clockwise?
  5. complience

    annoying creeking

    Both my road bike and my mountain bike are fairly new and expensive.. but both are giving me a right head ache with strange creeks.. from the cranks.. the handle bars and the chain.. I need advice on how to service them.. does anyone know of a good source of infomation on the art form?
  6. complience

    building a Fixed Gear bike

    Hi im hoping you can help me I want to build the perfect bike for causing havok with commuting around london Town. I want it to be a fixed gear.. but i don't really know anything about fixies.. can someone point me in the right direction of what sort of frame and drive train i should be getting?
  7. complience

    Going on Holiday - el Camino de Santiago

    Im going on holiday next week.. im going to spend a week mountain biking along the 800km el Camino de Santiago in northern spain. Does anyone have any experience of this? Im also looking for a good insurance company that will cover my bikes for the trip.. they are brand new £400 focus...
  8. complience

    UCI cap

    im looking for a white cycling cap with the world championship rainbow colours on it. Anyone know of where i might find one? (they are out of stock) like shown here
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    UK cycle to work Scheme

    hi im interested in get a bike under the cycle to work scheme.. but reading about it online it all seems very very confusing.. does anyone with experience of getting a bike from their employeer using want to explain it to me.. from what i understand.... you ask your employeer to buy a bike...
  10. complience

    The Grand Depart - 7th July

    Im planning to go up to whitehall on the Saturday 7th July for the opening prologue. Just wondering if anyone knows of any cool stuff going on that i should go and see.. where i should go for the best view. I was thinking of going up on the tube and taking a bike with me.. is this is a good...
  11. complience

    Best £300 hardtail?

    hi im looking for the best £300 hardtail mountain bike people think is out in the market today. no real requirements other than it should be good.. I wouldn't mind having the ablity to lock out the front forks from the handle bars but its not a deal breaker recently bought a focus...
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    I hate specialized bikes

    Im not really sure why... ive never owned a specialized bike, don't know anyone who does.. I once test road a specialized allez it was okayish... went with a felt F55 in the end tho.. but for some reason i hate all specialized bikes and all those ride them.. i think it might be inpart due to...
  13. complience

    bike sizes confused

    Im looking to buy a new mountain bike but im a little confused Im around 5'10 tall and ride a 55.8cm Felt Roadbike or 22" and ive been told that means i should be looking at a size 17" Mountain bike but all the bikes ive looked at seem to be using a different scale (40 to 58 cm i guess)...
  14. complience

    Which bike to get? VIPER vs Focus

    My trusty 15year old Diamondback Sorrento has seen better days and so needs to be replaced. I have between £200 - £400 to spend and narrowed down my choices to these two fine looking bikes. One is a Viper which is a make ive never heard of; Viper TR 1.0 Hardtail Bike...
  15. complience

    Help me indentfy my halfords headset (pic)

    Ive bought a headset from halfords, but theres no model number on it and i want to get a manual for it from the makers. its an Aheadset made by TH industries for Crane Creek. 36' Cartridge thanks
  16. complience

    ban the whole team

    Cycling is a team sport if im not wrong. So why is it when someone gets done for drugs (landis!) only he gets kicked out and banned? Its a team sport firstly so the whole team has effectively benefited from them, but secondly its very hard to believe that these teams who control everything a...
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    Mad Cycle Race

    Cycle Couriers are all insain please delete
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    Felt F55 vs Trek 5000

    Im buying a fairly expensive road bike and ive narrowed to down to two options really and Im after peoples opinons on which to choose. Its between '05 models of Felt F55 and the Trek 5000. I personaly feel the Felt kills the Trek on looks and i also like to ride somthing different...
  20. complience

    SORA Chainset

    My crappy KHS300 flite needs new cranks.. so im gonna change the chainring, what do you guys know of quality of Sora Cranks? However theres a choice for the sizing either: 170, 30/42/52 or...