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  1. halien

    Insane thoughts while riding home...

    Assuming it did not infringe copyright/trademarks, what would be my chances of getting a full body (head to foot) spiderman skin suit with the webbing being the retro relective material of the same quality as that in the recent movie. At the very least it would be good for a laugh and would...
  2. halien

    Does anyone know of Bosevski dedacciai frame?

    I am wondering what sort of quality these track frames are. I am looking around for a new frame and have the option of one of these. Regards P :cool:
  3. halien

    "New" deraileur with 'old' frame

    I have a cluncky mtn bike frame that my girl friend rides. i want to upgrade her rather dogy componenty. the rear dereaileur is one that attacked to the hub and not the extra dropout thing. is it possible to attach an expensive style deraleur (eg deore lx) to an older frame. I guess my...
  4. halien


    I recently attended a speach on cycling, and the benifits of massages were mentioned. What are the benifits of massages. How often should I get massaged and is there any downside. Cheers
  5. halien

    Does anyone else feel sort of lactic acidy when just sitting around?

    After a few days of not training, I can be sitting around and all my muscles feel similar to a lactic acid burn. This is a very mild feeling and is alleviated by me actually moving around. Is this a common sensation or is it just me? it is sort of like my body saying "hey, slacker, get on ur...