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    Which Makes A Better Cyclist?

    I am a recreational cyclist looking to lose maybe about 15Ibs and get faster. Which training regiment is better? Riding 70miles on Saturdays and Sundays for a total of 140miles/week, as I currently do; Or, should I ride 30miles a day, five days a week? Opinions? Thanks, Super

    Aluminum-Steel-Brass Corrosion

    Hello All, I bought a Mavic Open Pro-Alloy Nipple-Steel Spoked wheelset from a guy at a very good price. My issue is that I live close to the sea, hence my concern about preventative maintenance. What I'll like to know is where exactly should I lube/oil to prevent corrosion on the wheelset...

    Help With Stem Angle

    Hello All, I am trying to change the Bontrager stem on my bike from a size 90mm length and 17degree rise to a Thomson X2, 10degree stem. I am terrible at Trigonometry. Could somebody give me an idea of what size stem, i.e. length and rise that could get me as close as possibble to my...

    Thomson Aluminum Seatpost in a Carbon Fiber Frame

    I have a new Lemond Buenos Aires carbon fiber bike, and I have decided that I'll prefer to use my old Thomson Elite aluminum seatpost instead of the Bontrager carbon seatpost spec'd with the bike. Is it okay to use a thin film of Park Tool grease on the seatpost before inserting the post in...

    Shimano Dura-Ace Or Ultegra

    I am about to build up a new Cannondale Six 13 frame, and I'll like to get opinions on which Shimano components would serve me better as to reliability, longevity and just plain fun. I am leaning this way: Cranks - Dura-Ace BB - Ultegra Brakes - Ultegra R. Derailleur - Ultegra F...

    Front Derailleur On Carbon Fiber Frame: Braze-On Or Clamp-On?

    Hello All, I am about to buy a CF frame in a group buy and the sellers are asking what option I want on the bike. Specifically, they are asking what type of front derailleur mount I want. The options are: 1) Braze-On; 2) Clamp-On 31.8mm; and 3) Clamp-On 34.9mm I do not know much...

    To Grease Or Not To Grease

    Hello All, Should one grease the screw threads on Shimano SPD-SL cleats before installing them on Sidi shoes with carbon sole? I am inclined not to grease. Am I right? Regards, Super

    Calling All Aussies!

    Hello All Down Under, I am in the USA, and I am looking to buy Shimano Technium Sunglasses, which Shimano does not sell in North America, thus not available to me here. I am looking for anybody Down Under to please help link me to a website where I can buy the Shimano Technium in either the...

    Shimano Technium Sunglasses

    Hello All, I live in the USA, and I want to ask you guys down under a favour. I am looking to purchase Shimano Technium Sunglasses in either the Shiny Black or Shiny Carbon version. Shimano does not carry sunglasses in North America, thus I am looking to purchase overseas through the web...

    What Size Velox Rim Strip?

    Hi All, I have a Mavic Open Pro Rim on order, and I want to order Velox rim strips from another vendor, but stumped on what size. Could you help me as to which of the sizes I need for the Mavic Open Pro rim? Is it the 10mm or the 16mm? Thanks for all responses. Regards, Super

    Different Stem Rise Angles: Effects

    I have a Cannondale CAAD8 54cm Road Bike that I purchased not long ago, and I have some questions about stem angle changes and effects. I am just a tad below 5' 10", and I have cycling inseam of 34inches (86.36cm), which means my legs are quite long for my height. I tried the CAAD8 in size...

    Shimano DuraAce or Ultegra Rear Hubs? Which is Stronger?

    I currently ride a wheelset with Shimano DuraAce hubs laced with 32 double-butted DT-Swiss spokes to Mavic Open Pro rims. I am thinking about a new wheelset, and I have decided to start my evaluation from the point of view of what I like and do not like about my current wheelset. The Open Pro...

    Lubing Derailleur Cables (Steps?)

    Hello All, I am trying to learn how to lube my derailleur cables, as I have never done it before. Can you guys please lay out a step by step procedure for lubing my derailleur cables? Also, does one ever need to lube brake cables? If yes, how? Thanks for all responses. Regards, Super

    Experimenting with Different Tire Sizes

    I have a mountain bike that I use strictly for fitness rides. I have Continental SportContact 26x1.3 slicks on both the front and back wheels, but I also have Specialized Nimbus Armadillo 26x1.5 spares. I am thinking about experimenting with a mix of both tires, and I'll like to know which I...

    Cannondale Synapse Carbon 3 or Giant OCR2 Carbon?

    I am in the market for a new CF bike. I have decided it is gonna be either a Cannondale Synapse Carbon 3, or the Giant OCR2 Carbon. I do have some issues I'll like resolved before making a decision. The Giant dealer has offered to sell me the OCR2 with an upgrade of the wheelset (Mavic...

    Is this Safe?

    I am about to change the chainrings on my bike from a 22-32-42 to a new Sugino XD300 26-36-46. I have two Sram PC58 chains that I rotate on the bike, but I am wondering if I can add the links I had taken off the chains to size the 22-32-42 chainrings to fit the new 26-36-46 chainrings. Is it...

    What Type of Bottom Bracket?

    I have a Cannondale Killer V900 mountain bike that I bought new in 1994. It came with 22x32x42 chainrings, which I have decided to change to a Sugino XD300, 26x36x46 crank. I do have a couple of questions. a) The BB shell size on the Cannondale is 70mm. Is this a Cannondale proprietary size...

    Cannondale Bikes

    Hi, I am a mountain bike rider who is interested in buying a road bike for early weekend rides that are going to be part of my fitness program. I also intend to do some centuries, so comfort is also paramount. I am currently thinking about cannondale mid-level road bikes, but I have a question...

    Cannondale Stems

    Hello Guys, I am a newbie who needs some urgent help. I bought a Cannondale Killer V900 mountain bike in 1994. I rode it for about 2years and it then went into a closet in my house. I do not remember why. I think life interfered. I did not ride a bike all these years, and my wife was going to...