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  1. Cyclist14

    8800 GTS vs. ATI Radeon x1650

    Which card is better for my Nvidia 680i Mobo and 550 Watt PSU?
  2. Cyclist14

    Should I focus on climbing or sprinting?

    I am currently a 16 y/o Cat. 4 and I will be a Cat. 3 by next May at the latest. I prefer long road races and I am 6ft. 3in. tall, 157 lbs. ( 150 race weight) In several races I have attacked on the final climb, been brought back and then proceeded to top 10 the sprint and in most Junior...
  3. Cyclist14

    Americans Banned from the Tour de France!!!

    We're shocked and saddened to announce this, but Christian Prudhomme and Jean-Marie Leblanc, directors of the Tour de France, have announced that Americans will be banned from the 2006 and following Tours de France. It appears that recent American domination of the Tour, as well as other...
  4. Cyclist14

    KPH or MPH?

    Last season I used MPH on my computer and this season I've switched over to kilometers, which do you think is a better form of measurement? I like Kilometers more because they are more precise and linear (i.e: 1 Kilometer=1,000 Meters vs. 1 Mile=5,280 ft.)
  5. Cyclist14

    New Bike and New Sponsor!!!

    I found out yesterday that we ( John Deere Junior Development) will no longer be sponsored by John Deere, instead we will be sponsored by a huge local bike shop ( Ultimate Bicycle, ) that has three stores in our area. Our new team name will be Ultimate Bicycle Junior...
  6. Cyclist14

    New Equipment?

    Is anyone getting anything new next year (bikes, components, accesories,etc.)? I am getting a green CSK frame with the complete Ultegra 10 groupo and Ritchey handlebars, stem and seatpost and an SLR XP Saddle and Profile Design Aerobars for timetrials. I will get two sets of wheels (one to...
  7. Cyclist14

    Terrible News

    One of my teamates, Dylan Mitchell, was riding home from a group ride on Friday when he was struck and killed by a car. Dylan had a lot of talent and was full of ambition, in just 2 years he ascended the ranks from a Cat. 5 to a Cat. 2 and he won many races, including the U-23 NC State Road Race...
  8. Cyclist14

    State Championship Results

    I ended up with a 3rd place in my age group in the North Carolina State Championship Time Trial. My time was 31:27 for about 20 KM (12 Miles) I did not have a aerobars, a disk wheel or an aero helmet, I think I could have ridden at least 40 seconds faster with the bars and a disk wheel...
  9. Cyclist14

    Which Saddle?

    I am trying to decide on a saddle for next year and I am torn bettween these two saddles: Selle Italia SLR 135g $115.00 or Fizik' Arione 220g $130.00 I like the SLR for its lower weight and price and for its minimalist design. I like the Arione for its length and "Wing Flex"...
  10. Cyclist14

    Awesome Cycling game

    google Pro Cycling Manager 4, it is a really awesome game. The graphics are strikingly realistic and you can customize your team (CSC) bike. Best of all its a free demo.
  11. Cyclist14

    Followed by the same car for 8 miles!!!

    Well today I was going to go for a 40-mile ride and I had barely done three miles when I noticed that some &*$# in a pickup truck was follwing me very closely even when the road was clear enough for him to make a pass. He just stayed behind me and a few times he faked that he was turning so that...
  12. Cyclist14

    New Wheels!!!

    Just got my Rolf Vector Pro's that I won off of Ebay, the fornt wheel was slightly out of true but no biggie because Im going to take it to the shop later. ( I would true it myself but I don't have the special tool)
  13. Cyclist14

    My new team!!!

    I have just joined the John Deere Junior Development team. They let me on in the middle of the season which is suprising. I won't be able to get a JDJD team bike until next year because they are all in use now but I am glad to be on a new team and finally have a private coach and a private...
  14. Cyclist14

    First Stage race!

    I have raced before in one-days but this weekend is my first two-day stage race. There is a 30.3 mile (50K) Road Race the first day and a 10 mile (16K) Criterium the second day. I hope to win or finish top three in the road race and to finish top five in the crit. I am so confident about the...
  15. Cyclist14

    Race Tommorow!!!

    While its not my first race, I am still looking forward to it and hoping for a top 5 finish.
  16. Cyclist14

    Whats a good average speed on an MTB?

    I was wondering if 18-20 MPH on a Gravel Trail is good?
  17. Cyclist14

    Does your fork have lockout?

    Mine does!!!
  18. Cyclist14

    What kind of bike do you have?

    What kind of XC bike do you have? I have a Gary Fisher Tassjara if that can be considered an XC bike
  19. Cyclist14

    Which Bike?

    Scott CR1 Team $2,300 Felt F55 $2,100 The Scott has an awesome frame and the Felt has great components. Which is more impotant, the Frame or the Components?
  20. Cyclist14

    Whats your bike setup for training/racing?

    As of now I have a Trek 1500, this is how I set it up: Racing: Remove Saddlebag and 1 bottlecage if its a short race. Install Michelin Pro Race Tires and Bontrager Superlight Intertubes. Team Training/Group Rides:Attach Saddlebag and both bottlecages Install Bontrager...