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  1. Crankyfeet

    Pricing of wheelset

    Can anyone help with an estimate of the value/worth/price of this combo in the US? Velocity Escape rims (22 mm deep, semi-aero) with 32-hole Sunn/Hugi European front hub and 32-hole DT Hugi 240 rear with DT 14/15 competition spokes, DT alloy nipples. The cross 3 drive side spokes are tied...
  2. Crankyfeet

    2008 Vuelta : Stage 4 : Córdoba - Puertollano, 170.3 km. Tuesday, 2nd Sept

    From The Vuelta leaves Andalusia behind after three stages and enters Castilla-La Mancha. With the start in Córdoba and finish line in Puertollano, this 170 kilometre stage is very similar to the one in the 2005 Vuelta, but the race today will start off with two 3rd category...
  3. Crankyfeet

    Cycling chief claims UCI vs Tour feud close to end

    McQuaid tries to drive a press release that they have patched up differences with ASO. Teams are contracted with ASO for the TdF through 2010 however. Seems they are trying to structure a world tour calendar and make qualification for the TdF based on a points system. Interestingly there are...
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    Anyone else got any lookalikes to pros. Here's my attempt. Bob Saget Andreas Kloden
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    Video: Cyclist knocked off bike by walking cop.

    Here's a nasty video of a NYC cop knocking a cyclist off his bike. The police story seems to be BS.
  6. Crankyfeet

    2008 Tour de France Stage 20 - Sat July 26: Cerilly-St. Amand-Montrond (ITT), 53 km

    Stage 20 ITT The wind prediction on Saturday for nearby Chateauroux from is 5-10mph from WSW. So assuming the same wind direction in the surrounding 80km... the first 10km out of Cerilly should be downwind then they will swing around to a more westerly direction and it...
  7. Crankyfeet

    Sven seems excited about his crash

    Is Sven just excited about his crash... or is the Viagra he's taking as a PED working really well? Looks like he is trying his best to hide it by pulling his jersey down. Thanks 531Aussie for posting this first in another thread.
  8. Crankyfeet

    Prize Money for the Climbers

    On the CN live race report for Stage 7, they related this info about what the rider's make on intermediate climbs and the KOM jersey: It doesn't seem like much for such a big race.
  9. Crankyfeet

    In Search of Abdou...

    Thanks G. Vadar and "Djamolidine Abdoujaparov was one of the most feared sprinters in the peloton during the early to mid-90s, not least for his erratic style in sight of the line. Procycling's Daniel Friebe tries to find out what "The Tashkent Terror" is doing now, but...
  10. Crankyfeet

    Interesting Story: How a Whistleblowing Doper is Treated.

    Got this story courtesy of thunder. Joe Papp tesified at the FLandis trial. He saw it as an opportunity to tell his story and blow the lid off the hidden immorality in cycling. He didn't get the response he expected.
  11. Crankyfeet

    Tour de Suisse 2008: Stages 4-9

    Two stages in a row for Bad-mouth Bobbie. General classification after stage 4 1 Igor Anton Hernandez (Spa) Euskaltel - Euskadi 16.36.44 2 Kim Kirchen (Lux) Team High Road 0.06 3 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre 0.12 4 Frank Schleck (Lux) Team CSC 0.16 5 Oliver Zaugg (Swi) Gerolsteiner 0.18 6...
  12. Crankyfeet

    Tour de France 2008: Pre-race Talk

    Current best odds (June 16th - on the favourites are: Evans 9/4 Valverde 9/2 Menchov 13/2 Cunego 11/1 Andy Schleck 12/1 Sastre 14/1 Gesink 14/1 Rogers 25/1 Anton 28/1 Soler 35/1 Franck Schleck 35/1 Sanchez 40/1 Devolder 40/1 Zubeldia 40/1 Dekker 45/1 Popovych 50/1
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    Australia: Likely Team and Medal Prospects in Beijing

    I asked thunder in the FID if he could possibly give a rundown of Australia's medal hopes in the Olympics and he PM'd me a typically informative/in-depth thunder reply. He also recommended I forward it to classic1 for comments as classic has ridden at domestic pro level in Australia and knows...
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    New Members Not Allowed To Post

    Bro Deal brought to our attention a couple of months ago that he tried to open a new membership here and the membership wasn't allowed posting privileges. He says he has seen a spam poster who has joined in May make a post... but I haven't seen anyone post beyond a March 25th, 2008, joining...
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    Sponsor Trouble in the Astana Camp?

    I was reading this story on Cycling News... and I couldn't help but notice the continued emphasis Contador and Bruyneel meted out on how the win is good for Kazakhstan, the city of Astana, etc. With some experience in endorsement situations... theses type of OTT plugs usually occur when the...
  16. Crankyfeet

    Giro D'Italia 2008 : Stage 20 - May 31st : Rovetta => Tirano, 224 km

    Stage 20 Here's the map/profile from cyclingnews:
  17. Crankyfeet

    Giro D'Italia 2008 : Stage 21 - June 1st : Cesano Maderno => Milano (ITT), 28.5 km

    Stage 21 (final stage) Here's the map/profile from cyclingnews (it's flat):
  18. Crankyfeet

    Giro D'Italia 2008 : Stage 19 - May 30th : Legnano => Presolana/Monte Pora, 228 km

    Stage 19. Here's the map/profile from Cyclingnews: