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    Implications Of Rim Width

    Interesting. I thought the manufactures were pushing the hefty tires and wheels to better serve the fatter cycling public.
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    Lost a bet, or won a bet

    Makes me wonder if this guy won his bet doing this.... or did this because he lost a bet.
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    A question about riding style... I think

    I've watched the pro's seem to lean their bicycles left and right as they stand up to break away or start a climb. I can even remember reading somewhere... like tossing the bike left and right was the proper way to ride while accelerating. I've found that I prefer keeping the bike stable. Am...
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    a new Cycling Movie

    Just saw an advertisement for it! Called Premium Rush: I like reading books and watching movies about cycling during my winter off-season [even though I do continue to cycle some in winter]. This movie looks like it might be a great DVD for a Christmas present (I'll...
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    Wild Berry's

    Here in Ohio the wild Berry's are falling from the trees. They are on the roads, streets, and of course the bicycle paths everywhere. I don't know the name of the Berry's. I do know they attract all sorts of birds and critters (including deer) after the easy sweet treat. I am pretty sure the...
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    Should this be allowed

    I got a PM this morning [below]. And as you can see it's nothing more than an advertisement. If the forum [owners] somehow profit by this... well then... that's OK with me. But is this just a spam high-jack? **** the PM**** new cooperation with you Conversation between Igor Sekne and...
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    Virtual Cooperation (awais777)

    This forum needs better spam filters
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    I made this myself

    I like the little folding plier tools. Although rarely needed they can be very handy often enough for me to think they are worth having in a saddle bag. But I didn't think the little flashlight that was built into the tool was that useful. So I replaced it with a presta to schrader adapter...
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    How many people drink and post on-line

    I myself, don't feel like drinking or taking drugs would contribute to my otherwise healthy cycling lifestyle. So, I avoid all but the rarest of pain medications. But, I know better cyclist than myself, that don't mind a refreshing beer after a ride. I know a couple cyclist that seem to divide...