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  1. Chris Bryson

    Socks or no Socks

    Always wear socks-sweaty feet !
  2. Chris Bryson

    Noob Pedal Question

    Sounds like they are adjusted differently. Your LBS should be able to sort it out, have a look in the instruction book.
  3. Chris Bryson

    Powder coating in Leeds

    Not from personal recommendation but I have noticed one on Bradford road in Batley which specializes in "one offs"
  4. Chris Bryson

    MTB Shoes and Pedals on a Road Bike.....

    I,m a Yorkshireman of Scottish descent(A Yorkshireman is a Scotsman stripped of his generosity) so I use MTB pedals on both an MTB and a road hybrid cos I,m too mean to buy two pairs of shoes! Seriously though I only do recreational riding on both bikes ( MTB in winter and Hybrid when the...
  5. Chris Bryson

    how to remove handlebar grips

    Soapy water under the grip, leave it for about 10 mins, twist and it slides off. If you can hold of a hypodermic needle and shringe thats even better as the needle will go through the grip you can then inject soapy water through the grip. Just take care on the source of the needle!!!
  6. Chris Bryson

    buying a flat bar/hybrid

    Bought a specialized sirrus sport earlier this year. Good bike works OK and fun to ride. The only thing I did was get the LBS to put spd,s on instead of the supplied pedals ( I got a refund for the originals) Cant comment on the others Cheers
  7. Chris Bryson

    Cutting a carbon fibre seat post

    If you have an archery shop near try them. They cut carbon arrows with a very high speed circular saw. They should also have a jig te ensure the cut is square
  8. Chris Bryson

    Fighting the flab Newbee to cycling

    I agree with the other guys -get an HRM and cycle in the fat burning zone-look at
  9. Chris Bryson

    3/4 length baggy padded shorts

    Edinburgh cycle co-op have some in their on line catalogue around £40, dont know if there any good, they also do a padded undershort for around £15 ( sorry cant use euro's)
  10. Chris Bryson

    Fitting bikes in Peugoet 306 / Astra estate?

    Hi I can get mine quite easily in a Xantia estate with the back seats down, I think its about the same size as a 306 estate. Chris Bryson
  11. Chris Bryson

    Can only test 2005 trek 1000, but want to buy 2004 model

    Just looking on the trek web site the 2005 1000 shows at £500. For the extra £100 I,d have the 2005 from the LBS-its worth that to be able to take it back for servicing, adjustments and any repairs. I know my LBS offers interest free credit and lots of help so I go there. Purchase price is not...
  12. Chris Bryson

    Hybrid Bikes

    Help I am about to buy a new hybrid, the choice has come down to 3. Trek 1200FB at £630, Cannondale Road Warrior at £550 or a Specialized Sirrus sport reduced from £500 down to £400. The Trek is stretching the budget a bit so realistically its between the Specialized and the Cannondale Any...
  13. Chris Bryson

    Highest speed you've done on your bike?

    Hi All Dont get uptight and serious-the bike computer was telling lies-if I went that fast i'd have a heart attack
  14. Chris Bryson

    Highest speed you've done on your bike?

    according to my computer 88 mph-I think its lying!
  15. Chris Bryson

    Hybrid Bikes

    Hi all A bit of help please. I,m considering buying a hybrid bike along the lines of a cannondale road warrior for general use. Something lighter than an Mountain bike but with the weight of a road bike (ish). I know I wont get the feather lightness of a true road bike but I want something thats...
  16. Chris Bryson

    How do you handle aggresive chasing dogs?

    Reply I envy you, personally a S&W .357 snubby with semi jacketed hollow points, but they are illegal now in the UK
  17. Chris Bryson

    Computer - do I need a heat rate monitor?

    REPLY Yes get an HRM they make a world of difference-read up on heart rate training zones- the information is invaluable-its stops you getting kn*****d for no good reason- and you get fitter faster by doing it right.
  18. Chris Bryson

    Trek 6500 DE

    Reply Sorry to be a bit thick but whats the Governments green transport scheme that gives 55% off a new bike?- does it work nationwide? cos i want a new bike
  19. Chris Bryson

    Who wears a skid lid on training rides?

    With the nutcases in cars on my local roads I would not go out without one-might not save my brain but I feel a bit more secure. Just got in from a short training ride-lit up like a Xmas tree with relective everthing and still nearly got knocked off -felt better with the lid on-concrete is hard
  20. Chris Bryson

    Clipless pedals-mtb/road

    Hi Question from an aged thicky. Whats the benefit of single sided clipless pedals. I use an MTB and a road bike both with spd,s. I have a pair of road "Look" pedals but find them far more difficult to clip into than the double sided spd,s and I am able to wear and walk in the same shoes on both...