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  1. jeff3069

    BMC timemachine TMR01 - seat tube at 82 degrees

    Hi, I wonder what's behind this supper steep ROADbike's seat-tube When taken all the way back (21 mm) it'll still be ~ 80 degrees and in no way it can go to around 73 degrees.. Anybody ? Thanks. J
  2. jeff3069

    Fastest clincher tires ?

    Hi , If anybody could suggest what are considered the fastest road clincher tires, I'd appreciate it Tubular too in a secondary importance Thanks, J.
  3. jeff3069

    Elevation of aerobars on a TT bike

    Hi, I saw the enclosed photo and wondered what is the root cause (such as wrong size of a frame etc.) that makes one r a i s e the aerobars in such a way.. Thx. :) vs
  4. jeff3069

    2005 Cervelo R2.5: What tubes got separated from joints ?

    Hi, In the 2005 Cervelo R2.5 - b e s i d e s the down-tube problem on which there was the recall in late 2006 – anybody knows what other tubes got loosen from joints ? (i.e. chain stay tube, seat tube, etc..) If anybody has photographs of such separations of tubes from joints -...