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  1. Stumpmeister

    Freewheel to Casette Conversion

    I have a 84 Stumpjumper that has fallen victim to the whirlwind of techno advancements in the past 20 years. Strong freewheels with the correct spacing and low gear ratios are not to be found. So, I have to convert to casette. I know, "buy a new bike you dinosaur!" But I want to keep this bike...
  2. Stumpmeister

    Bullmoose Alloy

    Hi Folks! This is my first post, so tell me if I have the wrong forum. I have an 84 Stumpjumper that I am trying to restore. I am having a very difficult time locating a pair of Ritchey Bullmoose alloy handle bars. They were a rare option to the original CroMolly bullmoose bars , for which I...