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  1. ludwigmass

    Pushlock feature question

    Hi, the pushlock feature is supossed to completely block the suspension fork, so the bike becomes a fully hard bike, right? I've been testing some bikes with this feature, and in some the feature doesnt block the bike, there is a bit of difference when the feature is on and off, but it still...
  2. ludwigmass

    Disc brakes' pads

    Hi, what pads for my shimano disc brakes would you recommend? Im planning to spend a big sum of money in a new mountain bike and im looking for quality. I have read there are standard metal pads, standard resin pads and ice tech finned versions for both metal and resin pads, Im gonna cross...
  3. ludwigmass

    Rockshox Reba RL 2011 and 2013 editions

    Hi, im thinking about buying this fork (Rockshox Reba Rl) and I have seen in internet that on average the 2011 model has better ratings as the 2013 edition. Has the model or the mark experienced a reduction in its quality?
  4. ludwigmass

    Is it possible to modify a suspension fork with a pushlock feature to a travel adjust?

    Or, is it possible to incorporate a travel adjust feature to a suspension fork? cheers
  5. ludwigmass

    travel-adjust feature on a suspension fork

    Hi, At first I wanted to get a Rockshox Reba RL 100 mm 27,5'' for my mountain bike, but the one I found comes with a pushlock feature, not a travel-adjust. What travel adjust forks would you recommend, on par with the Reba RL? (entry level)
  6. ludwigmass

    Have you compared 160 mm and 1809 mm disc brakes?

    Corrected thread title: "Have you compared 160 mm and 180 mm disc brakes?" If so, which ones would you recommend? Is it a good idea to use a 180 mm for the back wheel and a 160 mm for the front wheel? And the other way round?
  7. ludwigmass

    What fork to get for my hardtail?

    Hi, I dont know which one to get: Rockshox Reba RL 100 mm 27.5'' >> about this one I read a good review here: Fox 32 Float CDT Evolution 100 mm 27.5'' no review found...
  8. ludwigmass

    Double or triple butted?

    Hi, While many tubing companies hyped triple-butted tubing in the early ’80s, enlightened consumers have made these tubes rare. quote from Would you get a triple or rather a double butted mountain bike? Why? Frames im looking for...
  9. ludwigmass

    Worth it?

    HI, please take a look at this bike and write if the price is worth it thx
  10. ludwigmass

    Full suspension mountain bike and accesories

    Hi, Today I tested several full suspension bikes and the difference with fork suspension bikes on harsh terrain is very noticeable. Would you add front or rear racks, mud-guards, panniers, a handlebar bag and a luggage carrier to it?
  11. ludwigmass

    Which bike should I get? and other questions

    Hi, is paying 1500€ for a CUBE REACTION GTC PRO 27.5 too much? It comes with a manitou MARVEL TS AIR 27.5, RemoteLockout, 100mm fork, Groupset is a combination of SLX and XT parts, shimano DEORE hydraulic disc brakes 180/160, wheels: SunRingle RADIUM MA 27.5 is paying 1300€ for a CUBE LTD SL...
  12. ludwigmass

    Good price? Should I customize my bike instead?

    Hi: what do you guys think of this bike and price tag? A decent fork is important for me (this one has a RockShox Reba, adjustable from 80 to 120 mm). Im not very convinced about the Shimano BR-M395 disc brakes, I would rather have the complete Shimano SLX...
  13. ludwigmass

    Why do mass bike producers (giant or carver are the only ones I know) mix pieces from different grou

    Full title of the thread: Why do mass bike producers (giant or carver are the only ones I know) mix pieces from different groupsets instead of sticking to just one groupset? I mean, wouldn't that be easier? For example, on a carver bike they mix Deore XT derailleur (front, back and...
  14. ludwigmass

    What lightning would you recommend?

    Where I live dynamo lightning is quite popular. Is it possible to add a dynamo of your choice a wheel of your choice or do those come already fitted and cannot be disassembled without destroying the wheel? Would you rather recommend LEDs?
  15. ludwigmass

    Shimano SLX M666 groupset

    Hi, what do you think of it? It is always better to buy pieces from the same group set as different pieces from different sets of the same brand, is that right? Im not going to extreme-mountain bike, long weekend tours are the intended purpose, together with daily commuting to work and college
  16. ludwigmass

    was your bike ever stolen?

    If you have tips for a newbie (for instance, should I get 2 locks?) or anything that comes to your mind, please share
  17. ludwigmass

    Should I get a full suspension bike, a fork suspension one or a single pivot suspension?

    Im looking for a cross country-city bike to commute to college and work and to do long tours on weekends, mostly off road. I have read the wikipedia article about suspension and im still confused. THe city where I live has not the best of roads and a lot of high sidewalks, not all asphalted...
  18. ludwigmass

    I need tips regarding trekking-mountain bike wheels (not tires)

    Hi, Id like a decent model, given that im gonna run on bumpy roads. The bike has a fork, but id also like decent, resistant wheels. At what price range are bike wheels good?
  19. ludwigmass

    DIsc brakes comparison

    Hi, do you know of any chart to compare Shimano 395 (presumably, Shimano BR-M395) with other and better models? TO be added to a bike using XT derailleurs
  20. ludwigmass

    Do you own a "Carver" bike? are you happy with it?

    Carver is the house brand of the German group Fahrrad XXL. The other option in my area would be to get a "giant" bike, with a lifelong warranty, just for the frame. The Carver frame is of double butted aluminium. Is it important that the frame has a lifelong warranty or am I falling for their...