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  1. Special ed

    Ti frame finish

    I was thinking of having my Mongoose Pro Ti road frame painted, but does anyone know about giving it a brushed finish? It's polished right now, and I was just thinking of doing something different. A good paint job will be about $200 or so and I don't know If I want to go to the trouble or the...
  2. Special ed

    Do you ever...

    check out peoples legs, even if they're the same sex? I wish I had legs that everyone HAS to stare at!
  3. Special ed

    Frame painting question

    I'm thinking of painting my plain Ti frame. Is there anything special I should take into consideration with painting a bike and specifically Ti? I only wish it had external lugs to make that pretty transition to plain seat/chain stays!
  4. Special ed

    LOOK what I found!

    Wow! I just found on the curb with the trash an olllld Specialized Hard Rock! Steel frame with painted graphics, 1 inch headset, brake cable through the stem, long-arm cantilevers, Shimano Bio Pace SG, 200 SG rear d. shimano 21 speed push/push two-lever pods, fairly nice presta rims (Matrix...
  5. Special ed

    Record Delta brakes

    Anybody remember the Delta brakeset? I lusted after these for years, but by the time I could afford them they were long gone. :_ (
  6. Special ed

    Frame fit question

    Is it still conventional wisdom to run a plumb line off the front of the kneecap and have it intersect the pedal spindle to determine the proper seat position fore and aft?
  7. Special ed

    Sigma Sports cadence sensor

    I've got an older Sigma Sports BC 1200 computer. If I have it hooked up, without the sensor or magnet on bike, and wave the magnet past the sensor it reads, but once I zip tie everything up, it stops reading. I called SS and they're sending me a new cadence kit so we'll see how that goes. Has...