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  1. Paul

    greek cyclists??

    Is this the best contribution you jerks can make to this forum?
  2. Paul

    30 inch wheels

    Would a 30 inch wheel fit a 27 inch frame? And what tyre would fit that rim? Perhaps he's just looking for a 30 - 700 C tyre, in millimetres, not inches.
  3. Paul

    1/4 Inch by 30 TPI Tap Required

    I've found that it is a Raleigh thread. I should have guessed! Who else?
  4. Paul

    Cycling monuments

    I happened accross an interesting website about monuments to commemorate famous and not so famous cyclists. Thanks for that. Good reading.
  5. Paul

    Suntour anyone?

    Suntour? I've stashed my best V GT derailleurs and other items away for future use. Gonna be classic someday. Hey - what about that Suntour 'Skitter' five speed rear derailleur? It goes back to low gear when the cable is slack or broken. Same with one of their front derailleurs, works back to...
  6. Paul

    1/4 Inch by 30 TPI Tap Required

    Thanks fellas, for your quick response. Can't use 4 - 40 UNC, but kind of you to offer. I did consider that it could be a metric thread, but no, it's definitely 30 tpi, which would give a metric equivalent pitch of 0.846 m/m, which doesn't exist, 5 x .8 being the closest pitch. Also checked in...
  7. Paul

    1/4 Inch by 30 TPI Tap Required

    Hi All. I need to make up some small nuts for old bike brakes, so would anyone have a second taper (intermediate) tap I could beg, borrow or buy? This is a really odd thread (!), not listed anywhere, being a 1/4 inch diameter at 30 teeth per inch. I could have one made to order, but it's a...
  8. Paul

    Can anyone help date an old bike...

    > Thanks for the advice you've all given me. After asking anyone who I thought would have an idea, I > found Rolf Lunsmann, who wrote the pieces about Malvern Stars in the Canberra bicycle museum > website and classic rendezvous website. Rolf _really_ knows what he's talking about, > > I'm just...
  9. Paul

    fixed gears

    Hi. I'll second the motion. Anyone care for a fixed-gear ride in Melbourne? A Sunday morning in Feb? 10 am? Meet at St. Kilda? Head southwards along the bayside path, lunch, then back? Must have minimum of one effective hand brake. Any takers?
  10. Paul

    27 x 1 inch tyres/where do you get them?

    Here in Melbourne, 'Bikecorp' handles the 27 inch 'Vee Rubber' tyres, wholesale only. Most any bike shop would take your deposit and order some in - plus they should have some catalogues from the suppliers- you should be able to choose what you want. These tyres are a bit fat for you, but very...