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  1. ghostgum

    My black bike's back brake block broke

    I was listening to The Bike Show and the "Bike Show Jukebox Jury" where they rated different bicycle songs. According to one of the jury, every foreign language song they played had a line that translated as "My black bike's back brake block broke". She was pretty good at saying it fast...
  2. ghostgum

    Homemade 3W LED bike light

    Suzy provided the inspiration with her 3W Luxeon bike light: I've now built my own light derived from that design: However it isn't going to remain a Luxeon light for long. I'm planning...
  3. ghostgum

    Cycle Messenger World Championship

    I was listening to an old Bike Love podcast last night, and it mentioned that the Cycle Messegner World Championship was to be held in Sydney 20-23 October 2006. Anyone know any more about this?
  4. ghostgum

    TheAge: Landis reveals doping defence Tour de France winner Floyd Landis rolled out key elements of his defense against doping charges in an online presentation today which he claims proves his innocence after...
  5. ghostgum

    Cyclist dead in car strike (Melbourne) Cyclist dead in car strike 29 September 2006 - 6:58AM A cyclist died when he fell from his bike and was struck by a car in Melbourne's north-west. The man, 45, was riding south on St Albans...
  6. ghostgum

    Herald Sun reader comments on death of James Gould,21985,20301604-661,00.html#comments
  7. ghostgum

    HeraldSun: Bike wins over car in gridlock

    Bike wins over car in gridlock Liam Houlihan 31 July 2006 12:00am MELBOURNE'S gridlocked peak-hour traffic has slumped to roughly the same speed as a 60-year-old on a penny farthing, our experiment has found.,21985,19964002-661,00.html
  8. ghostgum

    Crispy. Ice on the Burnley boardwalk this morning.

    Riding into Melbourne city this morning there were 3 guys standing by the boardwalk warning cyclists about ice. The boardwalk to the west of the Burnley wharf (the one with the ice warning signs) had a crunchy surface for the whole length. The city bound direction had been partly cleared by...
  9. ghostgum

    Melb: Gardiners Ck path works near velodrome

    Riding home from Ride of Silence, I saw the following sign: Improving out Shared Paths H A Smith Reserve The City of Boroondara would like to inform you of the intended refurbishment of a section of the shared path between Glenferrie Road and the Velodrome. Alternative access during...
  10. ghostgum

    The Courier Mail - Adventure - Doing the city cycle,9142,18910060-5002900,00.html Doing the city cycle By Martin Buzacott April 22, 2006 HANDING over $36 for the short trip by taxi from suburban Balmoral to Brisbane Airport, I realised something had to be done. Ahead of me lay two months of constant...
  11. ghostgum

    Commuter Bike Considerations: Riding to Work is Not the Tour de France

    Just read an interesting article at Thursday, April 20, 2006 Commuter Bike Considerations I've been giving a series of talks about bike commuting. This is pretty much what I said t today's talk at the Seattle Bikestation. Commuter Bike Considerations: Riding...
  12. ghostgum

    Business Proposal - ride through bakery beside Yarra path

    I like apple scrolls, preferably fresh. The problem is that the only shops on my commute are inside shopping centres. They won't let you take your bike inside, and I'm not leaving it unlocked outside (leave one lock at home, one lock at work). So what I need is a ride through bakery beside...
  13. ghostgum

    Rode the Waverley Express

    A couple of nights ago I got told about a group of cyclist who ride into the city from Mt Waverley. This morning I met up with them and joined the "Waverley Express". I was told they averaged 30km/h. Fortunately today the average was 28km/h, and I only just kept up. I wouldn't have achieved...
  14. ghostgum

    Cycle Paths designed by Psychopaths (from BV forums)

    As posted by KP on the BV forum: Hi everyone, As it's Friday afternoon, thought you might like to have a look at some shocking cycle path photos from the UK: Warrington Cycle Campaign...
  15. ghostgum

    Riders honour friend's memory for hospital fund

    Waverley Leader newspaper, 4 April 2006. Riders honour friend's memory for hospital fund Watching a mate die was one of the hardest moments of David Vanderwolf's young life. The 21-year-old Glen Waverley resident resorted to couselling after the death of his friend, Jason Devereux...
  16. ghostgum

    Yarra convention centre

    Has anyone found some plans for the new convention centre to be built next to Jeff's shed beside the Yarra River? What happens to the current shared path? The same as southbank (remove the signs)? What happens to Polly Woodside (old wooden ship in dry dock)?
  17. ghostgum - Swap cars for bikes payment plan (Qld)

    Swap cars for bikes payment plan. A new plan to ease parking congestion in Queensland proposes giving money to owners of old vehicles to buy a bike or register a newer cleaner car.,10117,17435338-421,00.html
  18. ghostgum

    Changing gearing on 20yo bike

    My wife's bike is a Malvern Star from about 1984. Steel frame, steel wheels, alloy pedals and handlebars. The bike is light in comparison to my old Peugeot UE8. The 12-speed gearing is Ok for the flat bayside suburb where she grew up, but the gears don't go low enough for the steep...
  19. ghostgum

    Feeling sweet on a bicycle built for - who?

    The NYTimes article on bike seats and anatomy is given another spin
  20. ghostgum

    Ride to work on 1968 Hallmark

    A colleague of mine rode to work on his restored 1968 Hallmark, the one he rode through his childhood and teenage years. The chroming and paintwork is superb. Did bikes really gleam that much? It's noticeably heavier than current...