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  1. heedcase

    Help with tire selection

    I am restoring a LeJeune from the 70's. The original rims were Super Champion Arc en Ciel Tubulars 36 that's what I found on E-Bay brand new for less than $100 for the pair. I want to bring it back to original that is why I went with the tubulars. The problem is I ride a Fuji Del Rey...
  2. heedcase

    Selecting the right chain

    I need to replace the chain on my 85 Fuji Del Rey. I would like to purchase online so I can have more choices. I don't know the proper size to select. It has a Sugino crank with 52/42 chainrings and 6 speed freewheel. How about a little help.:confused:
  3. heedcase

    I need to find LeJeune Decals?

    Does anyone know the best place to find decals for a LeJeune Vintage 70's bike..What do the painters charge etc.:confused: