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  1. asterope

    cycling on the ICB (brisbane)

    Hi all :) long time no see... ive been catching up on the goss from the world of two wheels now that im allowed to get back into it :D Good to see a few of the brissy lard-arses still around, though karen tells me that the rides have pretty much stopped :( I gots meself a new jobbie at the...
  2. asterope

    Ahem: Nude bike ride, Brisbane, 10th march.

    being the peace loving mung bean eating tree hugging hippy i am, the idea of a nude bike ride certainly tickles the fancy (hardeeharhar)
  3. asterope

    BNE: LA ride 19/01

    same bat time, same bat channel? (5:45, ss gw bridge) or do you want to start earlier as its getting kinda toasty?
  4. asterope

    BNE: LA ride 12/01/07

    oooh... now everyones in for trouble!! ive started an LA thread which means i cannot pike for the ride!! anyone up for a friendly pootle along the riverside at a blindingly slow pace? (i havent ridden for a while, so i guarantee i will be stuffed at the end of it!) and breaky afterwards if...
  5. asterope

    cycling is a very dangerous sport...

    ... and you would be wise to give it up. thats what i was told by one of the mechanics yesterday when i went to pick up my scooter when he asked how i had been getting around. i was going to ask him to explain his reasoning but didnt feel like getting a schpeil so i grabbed by keys and left...
  6. asterope

    keeping cool on afternoon commutes

    alright, so ive properly started commuting to work every day (because my scooter got a puncture and i cant be bothered getting it fixed) and the past two days have been ridiculously hot for riding... i know that 28 degrees is not that bad and its only going to get worse as summer comes along, so...
  7. asterope

    driving range + river loop = a painful combination

    took my friend out to the driving range yesterday for her b'day... needless to say 3 hours of hillarious entertainment (for me) ensued. kinda felt a bit sore in the arms and thighs this morning so i thought i might do a quick loop of the river to get myself all floopy again... im hurting in...
  8. asterope

    crazy idea for a short break

    in a few weeks time, i will have 3.5 months off uni... i usually go absolutely bonkers during this time regardless of wether im working full-time or not, so ive made some plans on what to do during this time, and one of them concerns me taking a little bit of a holiday! (i havent had a holiday...
  9. asterope

    Amy Gillett foundation brissy-goldie ride

    Hi all :) Just been checking out the AGF charity ride which is on the 9th of december. Starts nice and early so it wont be too hot at the finish, and the price is pretty alright ($35). Apart from those few salient points, this is a charity thats raising awareness for cyclists on the roads, and...
  10. asterope

    midnight commutes

    yesterday was my big plan to start my commute to work and back (18kms each way, at 4pm and 12am respectively) but ended up getting a severe case of the heebie-jeebies at around 3pm... back before my lazy days of the scooter, when i didnt have several 8am lectures, i would commute home at...
  11. asterope

    rural amusement

    just thought i would share an amusing anecdote from my weekend past. sent my sister up the coast to our parents place in nambour/burnside last weekend with all my textbooks/photography stuff (the heavy ****) in the car so i could have a pleasant saturday riding from work to the train, then get...
  12. asterope

    has anyone bought a bike online?

    anyone here bought a bike online before? either one that they couldnt get in aus. or one thats cheaper to buy from OS? ive got my heart set on a particular little beasty and have found a good price for it on, ive bought lots of stuff from them before (wheels, rings, hydration...
  13. asterope

    see someone with a flat? no worries... just keep riding.

    BIG THUMBS DOWN to all those mean rude cyclists who passed me in paddington this morning and didnt stop to ask if i needed help. the one day i didnt have a spare, i get a flat... at least 5 cyclists passed me while i was trying to locate the problem... some slowed down and had a good geezer...
  14. asterope

    brisbane to gold coast diabetes australia ride

    hi all, posted this in aus.bicycle... thought i might do the same here. anyone else going to be doing the ride from southbank to the goldie on the 15th october?
  15. asterope

    diabetes australia brisbane to gold coast cycling challenge

    anyone else going to be doing this next month? would be nice to have a group of us ride down and perhaps even ride back from it... have a chat because theres not that much to see on the way down or on the way back :P
  16. asterope

    Brisbane LA rides

    morning all :) last saturday morning i rode into work starting 5:30am from ashgrove to murarrie, and realised just how bloody nice it is to ride in the morning when there are no cars and lots of cyclists... so... im wondering if theres a LA ride this friday morning? ive got a lecture at QUT...
  17. asterope

    snobby commuters

    some bicycle commuters have a strange sense of logic... picture this... girl with giant crx flat bar bike pulls into secure lockup bike racks at uni, wearing lacy frilly top, baggy khakis and those moulded sandal type things... sweating. me minding my own biz sitting on ground putting on my...
  18. asterope

    getting up the mountain

    morning all :) this morning i decided, what the hell, im going to ride up mount cootha. im not one to be phased by hills, i regularly ride all over this lovely hilly town we call brisbane and the new roadie makes it alot easier for me. i thought this would be a good sunday challenge for me and...
  19. asterope

    women not safe on brisbane bike paths

    another attack on a brisbane bike path,20797,19849088-5003400,00.html this is awful, its in my neck of the woods, and one of my fave weekend rides too :( i really do hope they catch this sick F**ker, he deserves everything he will get when hes in...
  20. asterope

    best route from ashgrove to murarrie {BNE}

    hi all :) id like to ride to work at LEAST once these uni holidays (which are very quickly running out!) but i cant work out which would be the best way to get there. Ashgrove to Metroplex @ Murarrie. bike paths or road, dont mind either. and if possible, i would like to avoid that ridiculous...