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  1. robalert

    New Windsor Rd T way

    Has anyone tried riding this? I went yesterday afternoon. After reading some reviews from BikeNorth and CAMWEST people, I decided to start it from Hammers Rd and went down to the M7 cycleway entrance. Overall, it is a good little cycleway. It is a shame that they didn't connect it up...
  2. robalert

    cooks river (sydney) cycleway?

    I heard that they were considering banning bikes off the shared path that runs along Cooks river because of the complaints they were getting from pedestrians Is this true? This would be a great loss to recreational cyclists. It is flat, user friendly and apart from the stoopid peds who walk...
  3. robalert

    Wheelset advice MTB

    I am wondering if wheelsets make a difference offroad? i have an old mtb running no name 36H rims which have surprising lasted me well for the past 12 years. I am looking to upgrade because I have some beaut running gear to add to my bike, including PG990 9spd cassette, X9 running gear. I...
  4. robalert

    MTB Steel Hardtails?

    I am looking around for some steel hardtails, preferably trail or XC. I already own a DMR Trailstar and it is a beaut bike to ride for DH/FR applications I don't envisage my old Alum frame lasting forever and taking the journey of looking around? Anyone own a steel hardtail here? Happy...
  5. robalert

    fitting riser bars to a flat bar road bike

    I was wondering if anyone has fitted different bars to their flat bar road bike? I find the flat bar a bit hard on the back for cruisey/commuting riding and was wondering what may the adverse effects of fitting a wider low rise XC bar. Hopefully it would increase the comfort factor. I already...
  6. robalert

    hauling bikes with cars?

    I am trying to work out the pros and cons of different ways of transporting bikes.. yes, i know, bikes are transport but for some they still need to be moved i have been using a thule clip on rack for a while... it is great rack that clips onto the hatch of the car... it is only a pain...
  7. robalert

    Pics of my most recent rides

    Here is my son's croozer hitched up on a ride around manly cycleway
  8. robalert

    Vintage Moser

    I spotted a Moser hanging up in the LBS It is being sold on behalf of a customer... it is vintage running Campag Record 9spd, alu frame... new condition selling for $2700 is this cheap or exxy... i have no idea
  9. robalert

    Avg speed on commuting

    I can't work out whether I am fast or slow... i avg around 20-22km/h on my commute... avoid sweating too much what is ur avg speed? funny thing or sad thing, is that my weekend run is the same avg speed... just can't crack 23km/h
  10. robalert

    Salsa Al la Carte this is on special... i'm tempted to rip the parts off my VT and chuck it on this beaut frame nice and old skool reynolds 853 some parts on the VT are pretty worn... need new chainrings and front derailleur but otherwise brakes are new, rims...
  11. robalert

    Flatbar vs dropbar

    ok... here is a heated topic i own a CRX1 and wondering if there is any advantage to a drop bar... if so in what way? I have been riding with roadies and find there is little difference until I try to climb standing. I am finding even with barends, I am feeling cramped. Sitting and spinning...
  12. robalert

    Barends? Long vs Short

    I've been looking at different types of barends for my CRX1... yes, certainly the lack of hand positions on a flat bar is a disadvantage Currently I am running a Titec carbon fibre short bar ends from my MTB on the CRX, but I am finding it a little too short... despite its lightness.... I find...
  13. robalert

    Best bike for commuting

    just wondering what is the best option for a commuter... my poor apollo commuter is dying a slow death bottom bracket is on the way out, braking surface of rims is wearing thin, chainrings are worn... doesn't seem worth fixing now i've got my VT3 (Giant enduro duallie), but not great for...
  14. robalert

    Do you go shopping using your bike?

    Here's a pic I'm proud of... loaded up.... 2 bunch of shallots 3 big oranges 5kg bag of rice 2litre of milk 3 bunch of chinese veges the slicks were suffering though i think the 1.3s couldn't handle too much gutter jumping...
  15. robalert

    Advice on Kiddie Trailers

    I got a 6 week old baby.. and starting to research Child trailers. I know he need to learn to sit first, but an approx 4 month lead up to purchase is reasonable. If there is a good deal, then I'll snap it up first. I would like to cycle with my wife again so I think the solution is to bring bub...
  16. robalert

    Advice on DICE Whiplash Hydro Disc Brakes

    I am about to upgrade my Giant VT3 Croddy Avid Cable discs brakes The cable brakes were great when new and my trail riding not that demanding, but finally they jammed last yesterday on a rainy ride... I am tossing up between DICE Whiplash Hydro brakes going for a great price, or $100 extra...
  17. robalert

    Summer season here... how do you combat the heat?

    I went for a ride today... damn it was hot, not a good idea to ride out west on a forecasted 40degree day... anyway, i survived it... at one point it hit 45 degrees the heat really took it out of me... i had less probs with the gong ride than this 77km ride (meadowbank - prospect reservior...
  18. robalert

    Best value Carbon Road Bike

    I would love to upgrade to a full carbon framed beast but don't want to spend a bomb I love the ride characteristics of carbon combined with its lightness and bling factor Wonder what ppl think is best value for around $3K I am a fan of the OCR composite but seems there is quite a bit of...
  19. robalert

    Vote for the best $1K MTB

    this is a hot market... and thomas got me thinking what would you choose and why? there is a heap of choice
  20. robalert

    Gongride 2005

    who went? Here's some pics... Scotty on the left and me on the right!qrgRyzXS4sDDTQE6NnTiDJ0IdG3c7BMBcEvykvj8hgEcoUUS7vfCztw*pKpFzQBOKxSDRPdMzPLWzAt0iyTzj!P/IMG_1434.JPG more photos here...