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  1. Tech72

    Moser Leader Ax Frame Geometry

    Here's a long shot, but hoping someone can help me with. I'm looking for the frame geometry chart for a 90's F.Moser Leader AX frameset. Thanks in advance.
  2. Tech72

    Moser Leader Ax Frame Geometry

    Here's a long shot, but hoping someone can help me with. I'm looking for the frame geometry chart for a 90's F.Moser Leader AX frameset. Thanks in advance.
  3. Tech72

    Fsa Goes Electronic

    FSA electronic groupset makes an appearance in prototype form. Looks to be much more compact than Shimano's and Campy's electronic rear derailleurs. Waiting to see more of SRAM's latest rev of their entry...
  4. Tech72

    Campy Shifter And Front Derailleur Compatibility

    There's been lots of discussions on cross brand 11sp cassette compatibility. But I have a question regarding the compatibility of Campagnolo's 11sp shifter and front derailleurs. Specifically, I have 2013 Campy Record 11sp shifters with the same vintage front derailleur, but would like to...
  5. Tech72

    Afghan Women Racers

    Against the odds.... Kudos to these athletes.
  6. Tech72

    Brit's Aero Bikes

    What's with Wiggo, Cav and the rest of the Brits riding odd looking aero bikes in the Olympic RR? Don't they have to ride their Sky team issue Pinarellos? The aero bikes may be functional, but they are not esthetically pleasing to look at.....That bar/stem is especially hideous.
  7. Tech72

    BB30 to BB24

    I recently bought a new frameset with the BB30 standard bottom bracket. I have a Sram Red crankset and GXP ceramic BB to intall, but here's my dilema. The Red crankset and GXP BB is the "standard" 24mm version. I don't want to spend more $$$$ for a BB30 crankset and BB30 bearing set when I...
  8. Tech72

    Mid range Campy/Shimano/SRAM?

    I have a good dilemma. I'm building up a new bike (Eddy Merckx carbon frameset). For the fact that I don't want to take out a second mortgage to afford Super Record/Record/Chorus/D-A 7900/Red, I'll be instead looking at the mid range groupsets from the three manufacturers. My prior...
  9. Tech72

    Low drop road stem

    I've been looking at various brands and models of road stem to find the one with the lowest drop. Since there is no industry measuring standard, trying to decipher the manufacturer's posted specs is confusing. Some use the steerer column angle as the reference point. Others use the rise from...
  10. Tech72

    Another era full of dopers.... Fignon's statement, "The (doping) products I took were intramuscular, they didn't pass through the stomach. So, no. If all the cyclists who doped would later have cancer, then everyone would have cancer...." Sorry to hear of...
  11. Tech72

    Alternatives to Mich and Conti's

    I'm looking for a set of clinchers for my new set of HED Jets. Besides the always popular and proven Michelin Pro Race 2 and 3's, the Continental GP4000 and Attack/Force combo and the Vittoria's range, what other alternatives to these do you recommend? I've had the Mich, Conti, Vitt and...
  12. Tech72

    What a sham!

    So it's case closed for Operación Puerto? That's it?? The only charges are for "endangering public health" against Dr. Fuentes and hematologist José Luis Merino? Even with that, they'll probably get light disciplinary action from the Spanish medical board. After three years of BS and almost...
  13. Tech72

    It's here! New Dura-Ace 7900!! 7900 is not revolutionary like past vintages of Dura-Ace but evolutionary improvements in shifting, braking, lower weight, lower friction is all good. Asthetics is subjective but I for one, like the (finally) carbon...
  14. Tech72

    Dave, stop Whining and start Winning!

    .....Millar is getting seriously tiresome. His holier than thou attitude on anti-doping (not to forget he's a convicted doper) and constant whining (ie. Giro TT stage)......just shut the f-up and start winning something at least.
  15. Tech72

    SRAM Force Brifter/Dura-Ace Derailleurs and Cassette?

    Quick and easy question: Will the SRAM Force brifter work with the Dura-Ace 10sp front/rear derailleurs and a Dura-Ace cassette?
  16. Tech72

    FSA Top Cap Question

    I have a FSA K-Force carbon stem but it's missing the top cap. I noticed FSA has two versions of replacement top caps. 1) a compression sleeve type and 2) a star nut type. Which one is more secure and won't slip? Which one won't damage a carbon steerer tube? Which one is overall the better...
  17. Tech72

    Inspired by P3?

    I've been casually looking around for a hi-end carbon TT frameset and have concluded that many of the new carbon TT framesets from different manufacturers all have designs based on the Cervelo P3, in particular the carbon version. Pinarello Montello FP8, Specialized Transition, Orbea Ordu...
  18. Tech72

    Mavic 3G Carbon Trispoke Rear Hub

    I have an older Mavic 3G carbon trispoke rear wheel that has an old school 8sp screw-on freewheel. I know Mavic made hub conversion kits so that the wheel can be converted for road or track use. But do they also make a kit to convert the the hub from a screw-on freewheel to a cassette type...
  19. Tech72

    Integrated headset crown race

    A question about installing an integrated headset onto a fork. A friend bought a new frameset that included a fork and an integrated headset (Cane Creek IS-2). On inspection, we're slightly confused by the integrated headset. The crown race that usually sits on the flat part of the fork has a...
  20. Tech72

    Spinergy Tilium SS carbon wheelset

    Anyone have any experience with the Spinergy Tilium SS carbon wheelset? I've been looking at a set online but have neve ridden the wheels before or even seen them in person. It has a deep dish carbon rim (43mm), stainless steel spokes and machined hub with cartridge bearings. Anyone know if...