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  1. sgcyclistsg

    How to tighten presta valve?

    Changed my front inner tube a few weeks back. Everytime I try unscrewing the black cap after a ride to pump the tyres, the top part of the valve flies off. Apart from screwing it back by hand, I've tried using pliers, a spanner, pliers with cloth wrapped around the valve... but nothing seems to...
  2. sgcyclistsg

    Should i change this tyre pre-emptively?

    Tread in the middle is almost gone, but the tyre still rides fine. Total distance travelled on it is only 1300km, but the rubber seems to be a soft/grippier type and less hardy. Should I change it pre-emptively or keep going? How do I know when it's time to change?
  3. sgcyclistsg

    Advice for newbie?

    Hi, I mainly cycle in parks or on roads to commute to work or recreational riding, new to mountain bike trails. After reading pointers on the internet, decided to just go ahead and try it today. The bike park I went to had 3 levels of difficulty - "blue square", "black diamond" and "double black...
  4. sgcyclistsg

    Why do you commute to work?

    Is it faster? Cheaper? Healthier? When I first started, I thought I'd save a few dollars... but in between punctured inner tubes, more consumables (soap, shampoo) and the urge to upgrade the bike... savings (if any) are probably negligible for me :D Main reason I keep cycling to work is...