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  1. tonyzackery

    Sobering power numbers... Damn, averaging 346w for 3 hours!!! Seriously??!! On a program or not, that's ridiculous aerobic power.
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    Truly a 'must read'! I haven't even digested all of it, but what I have read borders on the incredible. However, to 'know' something and not have the evidence to prove illegality leaves one...
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    Think the state of cycling is changing? Think again... Very enlightening article...
  4. tonyzackery

    This is how you treat your depression????******-5/ Wow! I remember watching her during her running days on the track. Quite a talent - in more ways than one, apparently. Who-da thunk it???
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    No applause necessary...

    If you haven't ventured onto this site, you will thank me...Gosh golly there are some nice frames out there - check out the 'Gallery'... edit: kids, get your parents permission first.
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    Deserved a swift response...

    This little twit (Alexander Serebryakov - Team Type 1 - Tour of Taihu Lake, China) deserved to get lifted off the ground by way of a swiftly accelerating foot for this bush-league stunt. Didn't even win the stage and goes and embarasses the hostesses...
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    Sweden's time trial helmets.

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    random thread title

    Sorry, pal. Not interested in taking in 3rd division Pro Continental football. NCAA and NFL will be around soon enough.
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    If you're not cheatin', you're not tryin'... Not exactly 'doping' per se, but if it works for NASCAR. Gotta love the creativity of cheaters.
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    Manufacturer Shenanigans, Part Deux Yeah, I really need that brake underneath the chainstays. Lots of areo advantage from being placed in that brilliant location, right behind that most aero 90mm wide bottom bracket. Gonna be fun working down there on...
  11. tonyzackery

    DON'T use the services of "Rode" (bike shop in Pt Chevalier)

    First post - nice. Welcome to the forum and look forward to your future contributions.
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    Can't connect the dots... Busted at TdF. Banned substance found. Russian Fed finds him guilty of offense. Given slap on the wrist. UCI appealed light 'punishment' CAS. Kolobnev says med for long time ailment. Med allegedly available OTC. No TUE...
  13. tonyzackery

    Something's wrong with the system when... win 3 of the 4 stages and don't win the overall. Definitely greater time bonuses/points afforded to stage winners in these weekend long stage races would be an easy...
  14. tonyzackery

    Ya' gotta see this...

  15. tonyzackery

    More 'Cult of Personality' nonsense... Let's just delay the wheels of 'justice' until such time that the esteemed Mr. Merckx receives his award. Why, how thoughtful of you...
  16. tonyzackery

    Sounds plausible, Patrice. I believe you.

    Seriously, Patrice? You bought it for your own personal use? What you training for, Patrice? Can 'busted doper' stories get any more ridiculous? LOL! Rhetorical question, as I'm sure the best is yet to come...
  17. tonyzackery

    Nice kit!

    There's some less than attractive professional team kit out there (hello AG2R, defunct Footon-Servetto), but this VC La Pomme Marseille is sweet enough that even I'd sport it proudly.
  18. tonyzackery

    Incredibly awesome weekend of NFL football.

    Doesn't get much better than this past weekend. A couple of heartbreakers as both the teams I wanted to see in the SB tragically lost in the final minutes/seconds. Regarding the big game a week and half from now, I'm already tired of the Brady vs. Manning hype. Come on media - get a clue...
  19. tonyzackery

    How is it that...

    ...the smallish country of Costa Rica can hold a two week (Dec. 16-28) stage race, and the US and Canada can't sustain anything past 6 or 7 days???? For over 45yrs (est'd 1965) Costa Rica has been contesting their vuelta. Sad commentary on the US and Canadian state of cycling affairs...
  20. tonyzackery

    Joe Paterno/Penn State/Sandusky Child Molestation Affair

    Being a former collegiate football player who respects Paterno on a number of levels, I must comment briefly on this sordid affair. Incredibly tragic for the children. Incredibly sick on Sandusky's part. Couldn't have written a worse epilogue to the story of arguably the greatest...