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    Replacement rim suggestions!

    Hi All, I need to replace a rim that is cracked around the spokes (700C). This is my bike: I can't find any info on my current rim, but am looking to replace it with a rim that is "fast" on pavement and can handle well on dirt and gravel trails. I don't know much about rim profiles or rim...
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    Help needed for finding a replacement rim!

    Hey, Thanks for the great and detailed info! I learned a lot. I can't find the ERD on my rim, would this be under the rim tape by chance? It seems as if I'll just be replacing the rim at this time as it maybe the cheapest and easiest option. I'm waiting for AlexRims to get to me as to what...
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    Help needed for finding a replacement rim!

    Hi All, These are my current rims: Wheeltech TD26 by Alex Rims (can't find much info about these online). I need to replace the rear wheel as it is cracked (cracks on the rims around a few spokes) It's a 700C disc brake rim with quick releases. What do I need to consider other than the size of...
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    Entry level air fork suspension suggestions

    Hi All, Can anyone suggest an entry level air fork to replace this one on my hybrid bike? Suntour NRX D HLO. 63mm. Hydraulic Speed Lockout / Preload I won't be doing anything extreme with it. I'd like to have a stiff adjustable suspension that will mostly be used for smoothing out the bumps...
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    Replacing suspension fork spring

    Hi All, This is my suspension fork... Suntour NRX D HLO. 63mm. Hydraulic Speed Lockout / Preload I'd like stiffer suspension than what my fork offers now. My idea is to change to a stiffer spring to achieve that. I wrote to Suntour asking about this. This was their response... "It does not...
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    I'm on a quest to find...

    a custom or non-standard style cassette. My current cassette is this... Model: Shimano CS-HG50-10 Size: 11-36 Cassette Cogs: 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36 ???????I don't find the smaller cogs that useful, esp 11 and 13. I find the larger cogs more useful for climbing and cycling in...
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    Ulock mounting options

    Hi All, Has anyone heard of aluminum ulock mounts? I'm not really finding any online. I've quickly broken three plastic ones with standard use. They don't seem very durable at all. Or if anyone has any creative ways to mount your ulock? Thanks!
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    Faster tires for a hybrid bike?

    Thanks, That's one of the tires I was considering. How well do they perform off road?
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    Faster tires for a hybrid bike?

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with Continental "Contact" or "RIDE" style of tires? I currently have the Cross King CX 32mm on a 700C rim on a hybrid bike. I'd like to get faster tires if possible. The idea is to lose the knobs and have the tires more narrow, to get the speed. I'd still...