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    I've been trying to figure out how to put a usable mirror on my bike. I don't want to do something helmet or glasses mounted. But I've got a few problems. I have Trek bars with an Isobar grip that really won't allow a mirror to be attached. Then I have bar extensions, so a bar end mirror...
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    How do you refer to a gear ratio?

    Back in the day, my old road bike had 27" wheels. If I was riding in a gear that was 44 on the chainring, and 22 on the cassette (2:1) I would refer to that as a 54" gear, and everyone seemed to know what I was talking about. How is that referred to now? Thanks! Don
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    Lighter hybrid

    I currently have a Trek FX3 Hybrid. It weighs about 26 pounds, which isn't bad for a basic hybrid. But I'm thinking about upgrading to something lighter, probably a carbon frame. I can go with a Trek FX5 Sport, which is about 3 pounds lighter, but I'm wondering if there are some other bikes...
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    Softening cycling gloves

    I like my gloves that I have now, but as always happens, they absorb sweat and then when they dry out they are as hard as a leather shoe sole, until I sweat enough for them to soften up. I was just going to get new gloves but then I wondered, is there something you guys use to soften up gloves...
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    Switching from 32mm to 28mm tires?

    I have a Trek Hybrid, that came with 32mm tires. I was told by Trek that I could switch to 28mm with the same rims. The idea was somewhat appealing. I was thinking I could drop a little revolving weight off the bike (almost 1/2 a pound) and also have it be a little more efficient. My...
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    Stair climber vs. incline treadmill

    My hill climbing sucks. I need to get my legs stronger. I own a treadmill. Will that be helpful enough to strengthening my legs on an incline setting? Or should I sign up for the gym a mile down the street that has a stair climber?
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    Is it just age?

    Gotten involved in cycling again after like a 25 year break(I'm 63). I bought a Trek Hybrid and it's been ok. I'm riding about 50 miles a week right now. But I don't really see much improvement in speed, ability to climb, etc. Back in the day, if I was riding regularly I'd see real...
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    Securing my feet to pedals

    I am trying to figure out a good way to secure my feet to pedals of my new hybrid bike. I don't want to use cleats for a number of reasons. I am not looking to have them 'locked in' just a way that I don't have to worry about my foot slipping off if I'm going downhill at 30mph. In the past I...