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    Old and new shimano 105

    Good afternoon all, I just want to know if there is a big difference between the 2018 shimano 105 (5800) and the new shimano 105 in 2020 models? Thank you
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    Size issue for a friendly budget bike

    Hello All, this bike is budget friendly ($1450 USD). It has decent features but the crankset is not shimano and the brakes are not Tektro but I find it has most of what I need without putting high pressure to find a perfect bike. the only thing is I can not ride it as it is 3000 km away...
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    Cannondale caad 13

    Hello Folks I am newbie with no experience and looking to buy a bike and trying many combinations. I already asked many questions and here is a new one. I found the CAAD ultegra with rim for 3000 and CAAD 105 with disc for 2750 which one to sacrifice the brake or the groupset Thanks
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    Giant content ar 12020

    Hello all, I spoke with a local dealer and he mentioned that the Content AR1 2021 will be in next week. I was under the impression that there is no new stock till September through November. I was wrong i am not a bike expert and will not know the difference between 2021 and 2020 and even the...
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    Need advice on titanium 105 used bike

    Hello all I don't know much about used bike. this is a used bike with 105 shimano is it a good buy? " 2018 Eclipse Titanium 58 cm road bike...with carbon fork. Titanium frame is flexproof and bulletproof... Shimano 105 drive components 27 speed with flight deck double shifters.. Shimano...
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    Pedals for new bike

    Hello all I am almost decided to buy a new bike (Emonda ALR5 or Giant defy advanced 2) what type of pedals are good for training ( I am new to biking) and this bike will be my first bike. I used to do spinning with my normal shoes on. but now with new road bike I think it will be better to...
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    Emonda alr 5 vs emonda sl5

    Hello All which bike do you like and why? Thanks
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    Road bike suggestion to use for triathlon

    Hello all, I always dreamed of doing a triathlon. I have been lucky to do indoor cycling with triathletes that last 6 months and found out that I want to try it now I am in the process of buying a road bike but since I am new to cycling I don't want to buy a triathlon bike (doesn't make sense...
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    Where to start? for me road cycling is like a giant forest

    Good day all, I am in my late 40s and want to start road cycling. I have been doing indoor cycling for 6 months and my cardio kept improving till my indoor bike was broken 2 weeks ago. Now instead of buying an indoor bike I am in the process of buying a road bike. for now I see road cycling as...
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    Giant defy advanced 2

    Hello All is this bike a good bike for training and once a year race? I never bought a bike before! I only used spinning bike before. I learned alot from great member in this site and looking forward to keep learning to buy the right bike cheers
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    Brand name matter

    Hello all, I found a Norco Valence 105 on good price. I heart that bikes with same specs are all the same except that when you resell the bike the brand name hold its value and also for service the brand name has a good service is it true that with the same specs it doesn't matter Norco vs...
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    Aluminum tiagra vs carbon 105

    Hello guys, I found a Ridley 105 carbon around $2.3K and the Davinci 105 carbon around the same price and I am debating buying one of them instead of cannondale synapse tiagra aluminium I read that cannondale synapse are great bike and want to know if sacrificing 105 for the tiagra is...