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    Bought a new chain. HULK SMASH!!!

    So I bought a new chain for my road bike. The other one broke while cranking up a hill. I have a bad habit of gearing low and smashing my way up the big hills. I have huge legs and can get away with it. That's beside the point... Anyway, so I get a new chain. I didn't want the bike shop to...
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    Do you think I'm eating enough?

    I know these kinds of threads suck. I have been working on my nutrition for several months, as I have lost around 70lb since last October. I had myself "dialed in" while I was doing nothing but lifting weights and light cardio. By light cardio I mean 2 days of elliptical for 40 minutes at a...
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    How accurate are the calories burned estimates?

    On an odometer? Mine has a calories burned tracker, but it doesn't take my height, weight, or age into account, so wouldn't it be off by a lot?
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    Weight training and cycling.

    I want to give a brief rundown. So you know where I stand. I'm 32. I weighed in at 260lb last October. Now I'm down to 192 and just purchased myself a Trek 1.1. I have always enjoyed biking so it was a no brainer for me; I am absolutely hooked. While losing weight I have been doing strength...
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    Introduction and questions.

    I recently bought myself a Trek 1.1 to get in shape. Got myself some decent shoes, clip less pedals, and a computer to track how far I have gone and calories burned. I'm 31 years old. 5'10" 250lbs and really out of shape. Decided it was time to get myself back into shape so I can hopefully...
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    New to road biking. looking to get entery level bike. Here are my local options. Trek vs Raleigh.

    Only 3 bike shops locally. I would rather buy locally then go to another city or purchase online. I like being able to take something back if I have to. Plus it's just nice to have the whole community thing going on. That being said. I have two choices in my price range. Trek or Raleigh. One...