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  1. sussexvlogger

    Brighton Cycle Event

    Just found this on Facebook, Part of the YBAH, Here is the link to the event and facebook page :)
  2. sussexvlogger

    Was I in the wrong?

    I'm trying to work out if this was my fault or not? I had already taken the lane, the driver hadn't indicated and there was a flow of traffic behind me. I'm sure what he did was wrong.
  3. sussexvlogger

    Extra Space Handlebar - Mirrors?

    Hello! Okay I have 2 questions! 1. For these types of handlebars, what would be the best mirrors to get? I can't seem to find any that look like the bracket would fit, off of eBay.. These handlebars have a very large circumference. 2. Can you get extra handle bar space? So maybe a...
  4. sussexvlogger

    Everyone I have shows this too has laughed !

    So I just wanted to make a new video worth watching, about some things I've added to my bike.. omg you'll cry xD
  5. sussexvlogger

    Close calls?

    Anyone had any close calls? Had a few, finalyl got one on camera but I want to hear some GOOD stories :D
  6. sussexvlogger

    Young Road Biker!

    Hello! So for my 16th birthday I bought myself a Giant Defy 6. I've modified it a bit, put red lightweight tyres on, aero bars, computer ect.. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any tips on.. I don't know, methods or ways of cycling, food to eat/not to eat, best way to climb a...