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  1. BugMan

    My first crash...

    Well... my first crash in a race anyway. Only about 5 minutes into a 40+5 crit - I was taking the outside line on a high speed turn launching into a long climb. I was in the front 15 or so and feeling good. Suddenly this kid 2 bikes up freaks and cuts wide, taking out the rider in front of...
  2. BugMan

    Bonded seatpost

    My seatpost has apparently bonded to my Kestrel 200 sci carbon frame (8 yrs old). I'd like to replace the seatpost - how can I get it out without damaging the frame?
  3. BugMan

    What saddle do you like?

    I need to replace the saddle on my Kestrel 200 sci - what are some good saddles to consider? I'm 175 lbs and do mostly road races and time trials. Does the "anatomical" cutout really protect the "boys" or is it just a gimmick? Does riding style dictate choice? Is light & comfortable really...