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  1. amazinmets73

    Is this bike too small for me?

    I test rode a 56cm Serotta TI. My current bike is a 57cm Lemond. The Serotta rode great, but unsurprising felt cramped. I decided to have the seller take a short video of me riding it for secondary opinions. I'm 5 11.5 (182cm) View:
  2. amazinmets73

    Quick-release saddlebag

    I was foolish enough to leave an expensive saddlebag on my bike while at work. Unsurprisingly, it grew a mind of its own. So, back in the market for a bikebag. My dillema is finding a bag with a quick release that suits my needs. Otherwise I'll have to choose between the tedious task of...
  3. amazinmets73

    Can my bike run 28mm tires?

    I'm interested in running '28mm tires on a Lemond Tourmalet road bike. I've included pictures of seat stays and fork.
  4. amazinmets73

    Moving, ship or take bike on plane?

    I'm moving from NYC to L.A and am seeking advice on the most cost-effective method of shipping my bike. It's a 57cm road bike that weighs roughly 19lbs. I'm flying Sun Country airlines with a layover in Minneapolis. My options are shipping bike on plane or using FedEx-UPS
  5. amazinmets73

    Packaging a frame

    I recently sold a frame on eBay and was quoted $140 for shipping from UPS. I decided to charge the buyer $100, on the assumption that I could get the shipping cost down with efficient boxing. I'm planning to use UPS ground. I've yet to purchase boxes. It's a 56cm frame with 44cm handlebars, has...
  6. amazinmets73

    Cracked shifter

    I took a tumble on some black ice today and cracked my right shifter; it's still functional (I rode home 4 miles after the accident) but it's very difficult to shift due to the damaged area swaying back and forth every time I upshift. It will obviously have to be replaced. Some questions: 1. Can...
  7. amazinmets73

    Best cold weather jacket?

    Looking for a jacket that can withstand anything a northeastern winter can throw at it without sacrificing too much weight and mobility to do so. Winter temperatures in my area rarely dip below 10 degrees, (I'll be in Philadelphia) so I don't need a parka. I've been looking at the offerings from...
  8. amazinmets73

    Winter cycling gloves

    Ouch! First cold day of the season in Marlyand and I was not prepared. My fingers have the tendency to get cold very easily. What are some gloves that will keep my hands warm this winter? Tempatures in the Baltimore area will probably drop to 15 degrees at the lowest.
  9. amazinmets73

    Flat protectio

    I've just about had enough. I do most of my riding on Baltimore's streets, which vary from bad to atrocious, and I've been flatting repeatedly (3 times in the last 15 miles)! What are the best forms of protection against flats? Gatorskins or a similarly constructed tire? Tubeless tires?
  10. amazinmets73

    Carbotech wheels

    Merlin has the K22 and K30 wheel sets on sale for under 100 bucks. Anyone have any experience with these wheelsets? And would they make a good cyclocross performer?
  11. amazinmets73

    Lighting advice

    I'm looking for a good lighting setup. I work nights and commute through suburban Baltimore. I'm currently using an ATC Cree XML, but I'd like an additional front light, and I need back lights as well. Also, any advice on clothing that will make you more visible at night?
  12. amazinmets73

    Oxford platinum steel frame

    Have been looking into purchasing my first cross frame and came across this on EBay. This will be my first cross bike and I have no experience with them. What's a reasonable price for this frame? Is it good enough for higher end racing? Eek, looks like the link didn't work. Here it is...
  13. amazinmets73

    Wheel will not stay trued

    I recently got a flat rear tire changed at a LBS, and went on a 20 mile ride afterwards. During the ride I noticed I had this problem: When climbing hills, whenever I reached steep gradients and tried to pedal forcefully my rear wheel would come untrue to the point it was rubbing against my...
  14. amazinmets73

    Crankset advice

    Looking to put a new crankset on a steel Lemond Tourmalet. Current crankset is an older FSA SLK mega exo. I have 3 in mind, 2 local CL sellers are offering used 2012 Sram Red cranks for 150 bucks, and Jenson has a 2013 Rival crankset on sale for 119. Rest of current build: 2009 Sram Force...
  15. amazinmets73

    Help me select a new road bike

    26 year old male in the Philadelphia area. Currently riding a 1970s road bike and looking to upgrade. Do not drive, bike will be means of transportation. Max budget is 700, maybe 800, but I'd have to find a sick deal to break the bank. I do not want a commuter bike, I want a light, fast road...