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  1. mastronaut

    Long time no see!

    I'm getting ready for lots of riding as well as getting my bike ready for the Independence Day parade. My family is riding for Autism awareness. Hope all of you are doing well! Here's a link to what I've been up to.
  2. mastronaut

    Anquetil Bicycle Photos

    This is an unusual bike, if anyone has info or links please let me know. Thanks! :)
  3. mastronaut

    Jaques Anqueteil?

    I picked up a road bike yesterday called a Type Tour De France with 'Jaques Anquetiel' in big gold letters and a picture of his face on the downtube. (Pics a bit later today). I'm looking for any info I can get, it looks to be a 70-80's model.
  4. mastronaut

    Peugeot Find

    I just picked this bad boy up at (of all places) the local landfill today! :eek: What are people thinkin? I'm almost positive its a 1980. Do any of you know how much these sold for new? I can't find all that much info on it. :confused:
  5. mastronaut

    Community Service...

    I found a Raleigh LTD-3 yesterday in very nice shape. I did a search for any info or pics and came up with very little photographic 'evidence', so I thought I'd help by posting a couple for reference. Here you go! ;)
  6. mastronaut


    I hate to stereotype people, but what are the chances that an over 40 year old riding a bike too small for him with a Mountain Dew in one hand and talking on a cell phone lost his drivers license? Just curious, he was wobbling over a skinny two lane bridge clueless to any traffic around him...
  7. mastronaut

    The newest custom chopper!

    This my friends is the 'Silver Streek', my newest creation.....:p
  8. mastronaut

    Are you lucky?

    Try this, you may just win a nice bike!
  9. mastronaut

    Pinarello Help...

    Does anyone have some info on this bike? I picked it up at the dump yesterday, but I can't find any useful info on it Thanks in advance...:D