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  1. bpatterson

    winter bike

    when do you put the good bike away and pull out the litespeed what are the rules.. for me as soon as they drop rock salt the SEROTTA AE goes away and the litespeed and the power tap come out of the garage and ride in to the 20 degree weather
  2. bpatterson

    new tubulars

    I'm about to get my new bike it has reynolds MV32UL tubulars these will be my first tubulars What are the big diffrences to clinchers as far as training ... do I need to always carry a extra tire ... should I glue my own tires or should just drop it off at the shop? any othe nuances of...
  3. bpatterson

    SCHWALBE ULTREMO close call

    wow had a two week old tire bubble up and come apart last night thought a stone had stuck to the tire reached around to clean it off and felt a wobble and a rip in the tire thank God it was a flat ride I raced a crit on those two tires last week right out of the box maybe 3 rides on them I love...
  4. bpatterson

    Ultremo 'R' Tubular

    I'm looking for but can not find a set or two of Ultremo 'R' Tubular
  5. bpatterson

    new carbon stiff race custum meivici, bmcand tyleres fuji

    I i am making the leap to a new stiff as stiff can be my chocies are Mei Vicia and maybe ther new tyler fuji or a a BMC nmy criteria to my shop is weight then stif..... Ilike the serotta but wiill it be stiff enough if everyone wonoing to big some ok with thta the price tag is g...
  6. bpatterson

    FUJI sub 15 lbs.....

    FUJI sub15LBs good? bad?......ugly?
  7. bpatterson

    Garmin 705 and srm/powertap

    I am about to make the leap I have bought the Garmin 705 and will test it with the powertap this weekend at the LBS I am still looking at the srm and/or I will need to pick a race/train wheel to build the powertap I would like as many opinions as I can get already have a Garmin 305 The 705 will...
  8. bpatterson

    Vittoria Diamante Pro

    After just 20 rides they wore down and blew out ... went out and put on two new schwalbe ultremo's we will see what happens with those .. I was riding Vreds tricomps for the last year or two... anyone see this type of problem before?
  9. bpatterson

    toe vs shoe?

    this year I get toe pain when ever I go over 60 miles at a good pace seems like nerve pain ..anyone try inserts with this sort of pain?Or maybe new inserts in my shimano shoes?
  10. bpatterson

    Toe Pain

    this year I get toe pain when ever I go over 60 miles at a good pace seems like nerve pain ..anyone try inserts with this sort of pain?Or maybe new inserts in my shimano shoes?
  11. bpatterson

    light chain

    lightest chain for a dura ace 10sp
  12. bpatterson

    Local Team?

    I am going into my second year with a local team last year I was ask to join and did so mid year ..i purchased my shorts and jersey at cost. Should I expect a free kit this year or is cost the standard for a local club? what does your local team offer?
  13. bpatterson

    ibike power meter

    any comments on the ibike?
  14. bpatterson

    dragging a dead body

    Long story short I moved my seat up about a 1/4 inch before my ride yesterday and I stopped twice to check for a flat... I can't believe moving the seat up that little could cause that significant of a difference .. is it me maybe coincidence maybe I’m getting sick? what's the deal? I moved the...
  15. bpatterson

    cheap light good bottle cages

    I'm looking for a cheap light good bottle cage (kelly green won't hurt) or black
  16. bpatterson

    Cotton Handle bar tape

    Finally found the color I wanted, but it's cotton handle bar tape, I’ve always used cork what are the differences. Seems like it would not last.
  17. bpatterson

    new handlebar

    I'm looking for a bar with minimal reach but I can't seem to find many web sites with that info and a large selection of bars. The EASTON EC90 SLX CNT list 85mm but few others provide that info on the site that you would buy it from, I guess I could try the manufactures web sites. Any...