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  1. cuocciom

    PT SL2.4 Problems

    I am having another problem with my PT 2.4 SL. I bought mine in 2006. This week I bought a Garmin 500, and I cannot get the PT to link to it. Garmin's instructional video says that older PTs may need an upgrade to link to the Garmin. I've emailed Cycle Ops, but I won't hear from them for a...
  2. cuocciom

    SRAM brake lever hoods: trivial, yet infuriating

    Thanks, I'll check it out!
  3. cuocciom

    SRAM brake lever hoods: trivial, yet infuriating

    Last month I replaced the fine, stable original hoods that came with my SRAM equipped Addict. I ordered "original" SRAM hoods, yet I was underwhelmed by the replacements. They were "softer" true, but they squirmed all over the place. I put the hood plugs in the locator holes; they would creep...
  4. cuocciom

    best high pressure tyres?

    I like the Continental 4000S. In my part of the world lightness takes second place to thorn resistance. The Continentals are light, tough, and corner really well. Another great handling tire (though not so light) is the Vredestein Fortezza Tri Comp. 225 grams, but tough, fast, and they love...
  5. cuocciom


    Hi, Doesn't this forum have some sort of an editor or manager? I don't like all the advertising on the forum. The personal insults and ego stroking are annoying, but the ads are simply inexcusable. Good luck in the future. I probably won't be back. Mark Cuoccio
  6. cuocciom

    2.4 PT Dropouts

    I have to agree with other posters. I have received polite, and usually helpful information from Saris, but I am still experiencing the problems and frustrations that began with my PowerTap Pro SL over a year ago. 1. It's true that Saris has sent me three or four (?) replacement modules for my...
  7. cuocciom

    PT SL2.4 Problems

    I have "drops" of 1-15 seconds quite frequently - every few minutes - and I'm using a PowerTap Pro SL. I checked the SL against my indoor trainer and it lost six-tenths of a mile (and associated data) in one hour. The only variation was due to transmission drops; when the SL was picking up it...
  8. cuocciom

    Male cyclists and osteoporosis

    I've recently been diagnosed with mild spinal osteoporosis. I had read some articles last year about middle aged male cyclists with bone density problems, and I requested a bone density test during my last physical. I was a bit shocked when I received the news, but I'm glad I found out now...
  9. cuocciom

    What Power Meter do you use?

    I bought a PowerTap Pro SL in December 2005. I used it all 2006, and I saw significant improvements in my race performances. Of course, I also paid for coaching for five months, so I can't claim that a tool made all the difference. Unfortunately, I spent a LOT of down time with the PowerTap. I...
  10. cuocciom

    Weight Training Results How Quickly?

    I've just reviewed this forum, and I scanned the gym forum (now closed). There appears to be a basic conflict between weight trainers and those who oppose weight training. To date I've seen no DEFINITIVE evidence to support either side, although partisans on both sides claim truth (or God) is...
  11. cuocciom

    calories burned question. BRM etc. any nutritionists out there?

    I'd like to add a bit to your question. I bought a PowerTap SL this winter. I can track work in kilojoules for each ride. I've read that kilojoules roughly equals kilocalories burned; if true, then I should look at my kilojoules and have a fair idea of what I've burned. On the other hand...
  12. cuocciom

    Calf muscles - is it worth working on them?

    I'm unsure about the calf muscle issue. I had surgery on my left heel in the 90s, and my left calf lost about an inch in size. I've worked to equalize the two, and I've gained about half the difference back. Neither of my calves feel stressed after a hard ride - for whatever that's worth. I'm...
  13. cuocciom

    water bottle cages

    I've been using the Tao cages for two months, and they are great. They hold bottles securely, almost too securely, but I can't imagine losing a bottle during a race unless I miss the cage entirely. As for the difference between 18 and 39 grams, well, I can lose 21 grams just by cleaning the...
  14. cuocciom

    Safe solvents for carbon rims

    I recently bought a set of Reynolds Stratus DV Ultralight tubular wheels for racing. They're beautiful and they felt fast the one time I've ridden. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where no sane person trains on tubulars. We have a plant here that spreads seed pods - locally known as...
  15. cuocciom

    Powertap batteries?

    I haven't had to replace the hub batteries in my PowerTap SL yet, but I imagine I will soon. I've had the powermeter since late December, so probably put 150-200 hours on it. The owner's manual lists Silver Oxide #357 batteries. I'm not familiar with these, and I haven't seen them in the...
  16. cuocciom

    Cycling Peaks questions

    I just got a Powertap Pro SL and I started using the Cycling Peaks software. I have some questions. Doesnt' Cycling Peaks have an online instruction manual? I emailed them, and they referred me to their online forum. I want information in a more organized format. My Peak homepage shows my...