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  1. hoggy

    The worst thing about the IOC positives

    what amazes me is Hans Holczer from the old Gerolsteiner team is still claiming to be let down by his riders even after 3 have now been found guilty (ok 2.5 till the B sample is confirmed) Even more amazingly no one seems to be questioning his stance that he had no idea that his top riders were...
  2. hoggy

    Dura Ace Cassette/Sram Red Drivetrain

    A mate of mine has used a shimano cluster with Red drivetrain to cut down the typical Red noise. i havent heard any complaints from him and i know he likes to have his ride running smooth.
  3. hoggy

    Which team is Lance joining?

    if he really wants to come back just to have a go at cancer maybe he should team up with Cadel and payout Lotto's sponsorship for a year, new team name ...Silence Cancer! that would certainly help to detremine his motives for the comeback. Ps he should also be a domestique for Cadel:D
  4. hoggy

    Armstrong comeback!

    IMO he should not be trying to win for himself. he would get just as much exposure for the LAF if he helped get a win for someone else. He could be a super (dooper) domestique for Cervelo test team and help Sastre win again or for Cadel to help him in the mountains (drag him up all the way up...
  5. hoggy

    Should I get Lance's saddle?

    dont you see your own hypocrisy when you call Contador Alpuerto but refute the so obviously tainted career of LA.
  6. hoggy

    What is a GOOD place to LIVE in Aussie for ROAD CYCLING?

    Adelaide is superb you can ride to the hills instead of driving and there are enough of them to do a different ride every week. the flat rides are good and follow the coast north or south cars are stupid everywhere although incidents seem to be happening less frequently Coffee is great...
  7. hoggy

    Laptop Stolen! Thief using it and being watched!!

    the random power of the internet!!! i was just emailed the star wars video of your little exchange....i'll have the Pene. Cheers
  8. hoggy

    Kamakazi [sic] and BMX

    being an ex-BMXer, i can say that this is a standard world cup format. the tracks i rode on were a bit more open (less jumps) and pure speed could make a pass on a straight but it was usually the corners where most passing took place. unfortunately for that reason its also where the most...
  9. hoggy

    Any LOOK 586 & 585 problems?

    Hi, I am in the market for a new frame and the Look 586 and 585 are on my list (as is an R3 Cervelo). i have heard however of the looks having some problems with cracking in the current models. Has anyone else heard of this or experieicned it. Also if so, how did Look or the lbs react? Thanks
  10. hoggy

    Cadel - the pity party

    the story that mentioned evans re-entry into the time trial shed some more light on the whole thing. from the article it appears Evans gave up his spot for a full strength rogers as he didnt think it was fair to take the spot when he felt he wasnt 100%. it had nothing to do with being too...
  11. hoggy

    did evans wait for menchov on prato nervoso?

    why is it up to Evans to wait when no one else did :confused:. They actually made mention of that during the TV coverage in Australia (dont know about Austria) and they felt that under the circumstances it was considered ok not to wait cos menchov was on the attack and it was his own actions...
  12. hoggy

    Vandevelde power ouptut on hautacam

    try this aussie site, you need to register (which is free) but then you can add climb of your choice and add in your time and details and it estimates the power output. there is also a link on teh site which shows the power calcualtions...
  13. hoggy

    Robbie Mac, back to his truculent best

    i didnt notice it being mentioned here that Robbie said he didnt offend Switzerland and loves switzerland. The report also said the alleged outburst was directed at Betschart not at switzerland and i dont think its such a big deal to tell someone to **** off when youre on the phone conducting...
  14. hoggy

    Tour de France 2008: Pre-race Talk

    The only wat Popo can win is if Evans blows up and Popo gets the nod. the whole team except McEwen is there for Cadel.
  15. hoggy

    Wheelsucker Evans

    I dont buy into the wheelsucker tag on Cadel, although this could be due to my pragmatic belief that when he doesnt attack, its because he's spent, or my patriotic slant on things. Anywho, anyone who saw LBL yesterday care to comment. was the tag re-enforced, challenged or didnt move one way...
  16. hoggy

    Amstel Gold

    try this one
  17. hoggy

    Cadel attacks and wins!

    I like Cadel but that could be becuase he is an aussie who may well win this years tour but I also agree in the current climate you can not judge clean or doped by what one says. One thing to consider though is that his comments about being beaten by cheaters could explain why didnt attack...
  18. hoggy

    UCI killed the radio star

    i was under the impression (possibly mistaken) that all radios were on an open channel and they are easily monitored. if they are not then yes it wouldnt be worth the trouble
  19. hoggy

    UCI killed the radio star

    what about banning them once the first riders is within 50k of the finish?
  20. hoggy

    Bad season for Rogers ahead

    I am not even close to a medical guru but i did consult Dr "google" when i read the story about rogers and discovered that Epstein Barr is in fact a part of the herpes family, so you might be spot on Cranky. As to whether the stress is from sinkewitz stories or training i prefer to believe the...