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    Possible Wheel Upgrade - wanting opinions/experience

    Hi guys, I'm a relative newbie to cycling, a "whole 10 months or so" under my belt. Anyhow, I've recently started a "TDF Challenge" in my area and keeping up pretty good with it, 20 miles a day for each day the TDF rides....anyways, as I've been picking up the mileage, I've been considering...
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    Looking for opinions on upgrading drivetrain

    I currently have an 8spd drivetrain consisting of 105 FD & RD, Sora triple 52-42-30, Shimano HG 12-27 8spd cassette, and Sora brifters. I've been a bit underwhelmed by the Sora shifters. So I'm considering upgrading the shifters to Shimano ST-R500 Shifters (tiarga level brifters, 8speed) this...