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  1. FetishRider

    Raleigh. furley

    I don't personally own one but I built one for a customer once. It was super nice and i'd totally buy one. Raleigh makes some nice bikes. I always wanted the XXIX too.
  2. FetishRider

    Sprocket teeth?

    Skid patches are also affected by 1 tooth which is a factor to some.
  3. FetishRider

    Being Teased/bullied?

    I had an LBS owner tell me i'd have to join a gym and lose weight if I wanted to work there. Among other things he said that were completely out of line. That's one shop that's not getting my money ever again.
  4. FetishRider

    How Would You Describe "Cycling Culture"?

    Cycling is whatever someone wants to make it. I've spent over a decade as a mechanic in and out of shops. I just like bikes. If it has 2 wheels and you pedal it then i'm into it. I maintain that one does not require the latest, greatest, most expensive new thing to maintain their passion for the...
  5. FetishRider

    Lets see your Fixedgear and SS bikes!

    One gear to rule them all...
  6. FetishRider

    Can You Ride Mtbs On Pavement Longterm?

    LOTS of people do.
  7. FetishRider

    Fixed Gear Long Distance

    A couple of my friends did the ALS ride on Langsters.
  8. FetishRider

    Thoughts on this bike??

    For the price those aren't bad bikes. Definitely make sure to have it properly assembled if you get it. I've seen a lot of people just pull those out of the box and slap them together and that doesn't work out to well. If it gets built right it should serve it's purpose just fine.
  9. FetishRider

    which kind is better?

    The shop I used to work at offered life time free tune ups on bikes purchased from them. I'm sure somewhere there is another shop that does that...
  10. FetishRider

    If Price Was Not A Factor, What Would Your Dream Bike Be?

    So many possibilities..... I don't even know where to begin.
  11. FetishRider

    Weighing Mountain Bikes.

    Sub 30lbs XC bikes? There are several full suspension bikes on the market now that weigh in at 25lbs or less. That's bone stock of the shelf. If you're so inclined to build something yourself you can easily go even lighter.
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    One Gear, No Idea.

    Cool video. That kind of stuff is super common around here. Then again just about any style of riding is common in California.
  13. FetishRider

    Pedals Hard

    A bigger rear cog will lower your gear ratio and make it easier to pedal. Most single speed beach cruisers have a coaster brake rear hub which is super easy to change cogs on. Far easier than removing a crank to swap a sprocket. Depending on the wheels on the bike you may also consider some...
  14. FetishRider

    How To Tell What Size Chain I Need

    I actually read your original post and stand by my previous statement.
  15. FetishRider

    which kind is better?

    One thing most people never consider when buying a bike from places like Walmart, Kmart, Target or other stores of that nature, is that the people assembling the bikes at these place more often than not have no clue what they're doing. BIkes at those places aren't very good to begin with and...
  16. FetishRider

    Innertube Recommendations

    If I recall correctly there are only 2 companies that make tubes for everyone.
  17. FetishRider


    Some people are really stupid. You have your cyclists and your drivers with extremists on both sides. I enjoy cars and bikes so I see it from both sides. At the end of the day no matter what your vehicle of choice may be, a little common courtesy goes a long way. Share the road goes both ways.
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    Still Own A Singlespeed?

    Sometimes you can do it without the tensioner if you find that magic gear ratio....
  19. FetishRider

    Still Own A Singlespeed?

    Several. And I ride them for more than 10 minutes at a time.
  20. FetishRider

    How To Tell What Size Chain I Need

    You need a 9 speed chain. You're gonna probably want to take the bike to your LBS. They can install it for you there.