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  1. Las Montanas

    Cycling coach for runner...

    Also take a look at Lydiard and Jack Daniels. Two very different approaches that have both worked for quite a few people.
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    Pitiful Performance Using Trainer vs Road Riding

    It's the heat and boredom, but mainly the heat. I think everyone struggles indoors. I can put out 10w+ more outdoors for 20min than I can indoors. So, I'm toiling away for now, content with my progress and knowing that all will be well soon enough. Believe me, a fan is not doing the same job...
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    Average mph for college road racers?

    I can roll 20mph till the end of time, but to say that a race will only fluctuate 2mph is a gross, terrible understatement. Our A races will go from 25mph to 40mph in a couple hundred meters for a prime, then settle at 30mph when someone tries to break off the front, rocket back up and slow...
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    Thanks for the replies, guys. Another question, with regards to progression with microintervals: in time, I'm thinking I'll get bored with the 15s/15s on, off rotation. Would you: a) increase the length of the repeat, or break it down into two shorter sections that have a greater length...
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    Hello All, A friend of mine has prescribed microintervals in addition to the standard 2x20min workouts and such to help get me ready for the racing season this late February though September. He basically said that the 15s on/15s off until failure workout is a good place to start with...
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    Losing faith in normalized power...

    He uses a PowerTap SL, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Riding with a weight vest

    If you want to put more weight on the bike, get a large water bottle and fill it with lead, steel, concrete, etc. and put it in your bottle cage. And then tape it in securely. While I initially disagreed with the idea of adding weight to the bike/body, I can see it being useful for hill...
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    Joe Martin Stage Race, Fayetteville, Ark.

    Yeah the online calculators I've seen would have me at around 10:45 if I'm putting down 340w. That's more than 5.2w/kg (w/o bike) for me. With my bike and at the same wattage, that's 340/(65+7)= 4.7. Does anyone know if the reported 6.8% average gradient is correct?
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    Joe Martin Stage Race, Fayetteville, Ark.

    I should be able to go 5.0-5.2w/kg for 10min by then, so I guess I'll be fine. I had entered my wattage, weight, etc into a couple of different online calculators with the given 6.8% as they state on the website and got a time of around 12 minutes. Pretty sure they were off by a bit...
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    how long to cat 1/2 performance?

    I agree completely with this statement. As a 4 I would get in breaks left and right but usually barely finish inside the top 10. I was almost always in the top 15. The same guys, that I hadn't seen all race, would knock me around and outsprint me coming out of the last turn, EVERY RACE. The...
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    Joe Martin Stage Race, Fayetteville, Ark.

    I've been looking at doing some bigger races this spring and was wondering if any of you have done the Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansas. Also, if you've done it, do you happen to have your power profiles for the uphill TT? Also, your avg w/kg and time for the TT? I want to...
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    Link at School, NP Guesses?

    Hey All, I left my PowerLink or whatever it's called at school when I came home for Thanksgiving break. I did a 20min effort today, trying to hold her steady at 310w. However, due to the nature of the course, which was a 1 mile loop with a short incline and downhill, I'm pretty sure that...
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    Best place for road cycling in USA?

    Tuscon, AZ. Warm year round, mountains, flats, college town, etc, etc.
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    Bike Setup

    Also, why on earth would you want to wear underwear under bike shorts? The point of bike shorts is to replace underwear and provide functional comfort.
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    Bike Setup

    Saddle height: with one of your feet at the 6 o'clock position, i.e. straight down, there should be a slight bend to your knee. Reach to handlebars: whatever is comfortable for you. If you want to go fast, the lower the better, in most cases. Stem will be a little longer as well. For...
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    Coloradenses (????)

    I would be thrilled to pay $250 to join a team sponsored by colnago. COLNAGO. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the team members get SIGNIFICANT discounts on, oh, COLNAGO's. I'm going to guess that the $250 also includes a good amount of team clothing as well. To me, if both...
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    Coloradenses (????) Scroll down to Denver. Yeah.
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    Time Trial Special

    Assuming this was on a loop course, you're one of the best pro's in the nation, despite a swim. Many state and regional TT championships are won with slower times. These are the top 10 OLYMPIC TRIATHLON times for the 40k bike: Official ResultsVouliagmeni Olympic Centre - THU 26 AUG...
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    However, let it be noted that for every individual's unique physiology, they have a certain level that constitutes a "recovery" day. A day off, unless you have completely killed yourself through work, school, riding and other activities, is usually not merited. Your body is capable of a hard day...
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    racing in the states

    Post this over at You'll definitely get more responses over there than around here. Questions to address here, or if you post over at bikeforums: Were you a member of the New Zealand National Team? Also, how did you do at SuperWeek?