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  1. Jaguar27

    What kind of helmet do you have?

    I bought a Spiuk a few months ago, it's really comfy plus it has mesh in the Vents to keep the Bugs out :)
  2. Jaguar27

    Going up hills, Do you Spin or Mash ?

    I'm not a fast Climber by any means, but I've learned some things over the past few years that have helped a lot...I have a fave Climb which is around 9% which I use for repeats and this is the way I do it.. 1. Treat the first half of the Climb like it's the second half, take it easy, spin (+/-...
  3. Jaguar27

    What was your best upgrade?

    A light & Motion ARC front light....I can now ride my Bike at night too...any upgrade that allows one to ride more and indeed ride safer has to be in the top 3 :D
  4. Jaguar27

    So sad =(

    I like the tweezer one!! Thanks!!
  5. Jaguar27

    First fall using clipless..

    Check the torque on your cleat screws occasionally, I've almost "Clowned down" twice because mine got have to twist your foot MUCH further to unclip with loose Cleats... :eek:
  6. Jaguar27

    Riding in Traffic

    I ride to and from work most Days so I'm used to Traffic, so weekends it's nice to hit the Bike Paths as long as they're not too over populated with Families with Kids...they can be just as hazardous sometimes :mad:
  7. Jaguar27

    Tips on cadence

    :eek: That's fast!! I try to keep at around 85-90...but that's just me... :o
  8. Jaguar27

    First fall using clipless..

    It's hard to look cool when something like that you have pics?? :D Hey, I've been riding Quattro's for a couple of years now...great Pedals...problem is, once you're in your you found out today... Here's a thread I started a while back, lots of funny escapades here...
  9. Jaguar27

    My right foot is killing me

    Yes, Dr Scholls will fit, I had the same problem a couple of years ago, I bought some Dr Scholls gel inserts and have never had a problem since..they're cheap and worth a try...$14 I think?? Good luck!!
  10. Jaguar27

    Carbon Fiber Handlebars--Carbon stem necessary?

    My six13 Came with K-Wings and an FSA Aluminum Stem (with CF Clamp), I've been riding them for 2 1/2 years, they're made for each other....
  11. Jaguar27

    Anyobdy tried the Powerbreathe?

    When I'm struggling, eg: doing a long hard climb, I concentrate on exhaling as much as possible...inhaling takes care of itself, believe me.... Apparently, exhaling as much as possible leaves more volume in the lungs for more Oxygen when inhaling?? I'm no expert but it seems to work for me ;)
  12. Jaguar27

    Top 100 Comedians of all time :

    Apart from Spike I wasn't too keen on any of the above...Python makes me cringe these Days although they were funny in the 70's....IMHO anyway.
  13. Jaguar27

    Top 100 Comedians of all time :

    So you must remember only fools & Horses, Father Ted etc...and that bloke with the Bad cough who looks seriously like your avatar?? funny!! Re Laurel and Hardy?? feckin' hilarious!! Then there's Freddy Frinton and Arthur Askey...the Old School were brilliant....
  14. Jaguar27

    Bike Locks Drive Me Mad

    I Commute on one of my Bikes, I leave the lock locked to the Bike Rack when I go home to save carrying it to and from work... ;)
  15. Jaguar27

    Top 100 Comedians of all time :

    Tommy Cooper?? Brilliant!! I agree.... My faves, in no particular order, are Steve Coogan, Ross Noble, Eddie Izzard, Dave Gorman, Catherine Tate, Morcambe and Wise...ermmm...George Carlin, Chubby Brown, Ardal O'Hanlon (Brilliant stand-up)....and Billy Connolly...oh, and Ricky Gervais and Co...
  16. Jaguar27

    Whats your Fav. mountain bike

    I'm a Road Biker but I also ride a Cannondale Caffeiene 29'er for my commute every's OK I guess but my fave Bike is my Road Bike.
  17. Jaguar27

    Light & Motion problems...

    Hi Guys... I bought an L&M ARC Li-ion for my commute... Sometimes it takes quite a few double clicks to get it fired up...has anyone else had the same problem?
  18. Jaguar27

    Apple iPhone is now cycling equipment

    Oh yeah, Cycling..ummm...I hope it will fit in my Jersey Pocket, the Maps should be really usefull on long will plot out all the Starbucks en route...there, got outta that one :D
  19. Jaguar27

    Apple iPhone is now cycling equipment

    That's true, I never even thought about interface, that's another Car is ipod compatible, it works through the head unit, so maybe the iphone can be plugged into the Car too?? And it's bluetooth compatible too, right? The more I think about it the more I think I'll wait for the...
  20. Jaguar27

    Apple iPhone is now cycling equipment

    Thanks for the reply, I must admit I really like T-mobile because the service has always been flawless, and to be honest, I chose them because they sponsor Cycling, my little way of saying thanks... My Wife and I are huge Mac Fans, we're 100% Mac at work I use a PC....I can wait untill...