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  1. jdc2000

    american flyers soundtrack

    The download link still works. It is now in post #88 in this thread:
  2. jdc2000

    Need some help finding a jersey! Please!

    Voler makes custom jerseys. Voler | Cycling Jerseys and Shorts: Custom Clothing For Your Bicycle Team
  3. jdc2000

    american flyers soundtrack

    Click on this link for the download location post (#96 in this thread)
  4. jdc2000

    Mavic Cosmos rear bearing problem

    I have a 2003 Jamis Quest with Mavic Cosmos wheels. The bike and wheels have about 10,000 miles of riding, and the bearings on the rear wheel have started to seize up periodically. If I stop and loosen the quick release on the wheel and re-tighten it, it frees them up for a while. They might...
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    american flyers soundtrack

    Data sent to all e-mail addresses.
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    Rails to Trails – Do they get plowed in your area?

    This reminds me of a funny pathway story from my area. Quite a few years ago, in Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho, some new paved pathways were put in. The city government figured that when winter arrived, the local residents would use them for cross-country skiing. They were quite surprised when...
  7. jdc2000

    rack trunk

    Topeak has some excellent ones. You might look at Cannondale as well.
  8. jdc2000

    NEW BIKER - few questions about Specialized Allez

    For pedals, the newer SPD-SL system is much better than the SPR-R setup.
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    Advice needed about new bike

    It sounds like you may need to make some adjustments to get the bike to fit you. You should be able to stand and pedal with everything adjust correctly. The saddle position could be adjusted to stop the sliding forward and to allow you to lean forward a little more, which might help with the...
  10. jdc2000

    Katy Trail,RR

    Excellent report. Thanks.
  11. jdc2000

    can anyone help with the clicking problem?

    Does it make the noise when you rotate the crank & pedals by hand when you are not on the bike? If the pedals are the clipless type that a cleat on your bike shoes locks into, it could be a loose clip mechanism, and not the bearings at all. If they are platform pedals that are not one piece...
  12. jdc2000

    How do I start a cycling club?

    You could set up an e-mail list to notify people in the group about rides, events, and other items. You might also post notices at the local bike shops with contact information or times & dates for rides, especially if there are weekly rides that meet/start at the same place and time. One...
  13. jdc2000

    Group ride vs solo ride pace

    Group: 17.5 - 23.5 Solo: 13 - 17.5
  14. jdc2000

    Getting Started

    Another bike possibility is the Jamis Quest. There are lots of good books available. It depends on what your goals are. You can find a list of books at:
  15. jdc2000

    Road bikers - do you carry a lock?

    I have used 3 different options, depending on the level of security needed. Option 1: Top level of security. The bike never leaves my sight. If I am on a group ride, one person watches the bikes while the others are gone. Otherwise, the bike goes where I go. Option 2: Areas where thieves...
  16. jdc2000

    Ordering from Nashbar?

    I usually get a confirmation e-mail and a shipping e-mail from them.
  17. jdc2000

    Jamis Bikes?

    I'm 5' 10" with about a 33" saddle inseam measurement. My old bike was a 56 and my Jamis Quest is a 55. I could probably have used a 57 also, but I really like the 55. The old 56 bike was also excellent, but I do notice the size diference between the two. A 57 would have been on the upper...
  18. jdc2000

    triple vs double chainrings

    Some riders will use them onthe mountain stages. You won't see Lance using one, but slower riders who might be worried about missing the time cut off will do whatever is necessary to finish and stay in the race.
  19. jdc2000

    Jamis Bikes?

    I bought a Jamis Quest last August, and I really like it. The handling is excellent - quick without being squirelly, and it had all of the features I was looking for. The comments on Jamis bikes that I've seen on other forums are all positive, and I know two other riders that have Jamis bikes...
  20. jdc2000

    triple vs double chainrings

    You'll want to make sure you get the bike that fits you best. You can always change the components later. Adjustments can help fit a bike to you, but you need to start with a frame that is as close as possible to fitting your dimensions. As for the double / triple issue, you also want a bike...