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  1. cheapie

    Armstrong to ride the Giro

    i think that's an unfair statement. i think if you knew someone that has been helped by the LAF, then you wouldn't be so quick to judge his commitment to improving cancer survivorship. does he have an ego? sure. is is he really committed to his cause. absolutely.
  2. cheapie

    Schumacher positive there anyone that didn't see the ricco and schumaker positive results coming?
  3. cheapie

    Evans, reasons to dislike him

    maybe, just maybe he didn't react because he couldn't ride any faster. just because he couldn't accelerate with some of the best climbers in the world doesn't mean he sucks.
  4. cheapie

    Tour of America - Insane!

    hahahaha! YES!!! center of the sun HOT! :D
  5. cheapie


    why are you attacking alien? :confused:
  6. cheapie

    First group century...pace question...

    exactly. there's always riders riding at different paces. just make sure you don't skip too many SAG stops because you'll really feel it towards the end if you haven't kept fueling your body.
  7. cheapie

    Ended up in Hospital - Newbie Needs Seat Advice

    well...that def changes things a bit. :D congrats!!! and yeah, see if your local bike shop can do some fitting. 60 miles isn't that many to bang out w/o much preperation. you just don't want to do any damage while doing so.
  8. cheapie

    roadie to mountain

    what? like everyone else said, fit it up like your road bike. unless you're doing a lot of drops and moving around, the most efficient position is where your leg is slightly bent.
  9. cheapie

    Is There any point in Cycle Shorts?

    what kind of bike are you riding? that might make a difference. and the short answer is that almost all of us wear bikes shorts primarily because we have found them to make an enormous difference. if you don't want to try them, then don't. but if you're asking if we feel you'd be better off...
  10. cheapie

    Buying a Bike or Putting One Together Yourself?

    you don't really need that many tools. maybe something for setting the headset and BB, and perhaps putting the rear cassette on the wheel but the vast majority of items are attached using an allen wrench.
  11. cheapie

    Is There any point in Cycle Shorts?

    heh. you have to think about your type of riding to determine if bike shorts are of any benefit. i'll tell you this much, it makes a world of difference to me. but i'm not riding a comfort bike with a padded seat. but i'm not mocking those who do. i just like to keep up with my riding pals...
  12. cheapie

    career vs cycling

    are you married? have kids? if not, then follow your dreams. most of us never had the opportunity, or physical ability to do something like that. the job and money will always be there when you're done. a job should be something you have that allows you to achieve your personal goals...
  13. cheapie

    Carbon Fiber integredy...

  14. cheapie

    Most beautiful Triple Crank I've seen!

    imho it's pretty ugly. and i have a triple on my bike. sorry! :)
  15. cheapie

    Looking to buy in $3000 range, and eBay advice...

    oh man...if i was spending $3k the last place i'd buy is ebay. your LBS should really treat you right for that kind of money. plus, all the '08 bikes should be coming in shortly or already have and you can likely get a great price on an '07 if look long enough.
  16. cheapie

    Have oneself caught the Trek Bug..?

    i had never heard of Fondriest until your post. checked them out....beautiful frames! :cool:
  17. cheapie

    I can't inflate my tires enough.. ? help

    when i first got a road bike i did the same thing. tried to inflate the tire to 100+ and blew up the pump. :D much easier once i bought a decent floor pump from my lbs.
  18. cheapie

    Americans are bad!

    and the deep-fried snickers! and pickles. and pretty much anything else that you can roll in flour and drop in a fryer. :D
  19. cheapie

    Americans are bad!

    i guess since we own a minivan and i drive a stock dodge charger (company car) i don't pay much attn to handling or performance coming out of america. :o
  20. cheapie

    Americans are bad!

    heh. i see what you mean. perhaps you're right.