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  1. armchair_spacem

    swapping pedals

    Swapping pedals is easy enough, but different pedal and shoe combos will have different stack heights that may upset your position on the bike (depends how fussy you are about that), meaning you might need to adjust your saddle height to accommodate. I ride a fixie for commuting and JRA with...
  2. armchair_spacem

    single speed conversion - HELP

    Yeah, ditto, but where I grew up it was always blowin' dogs off chains...there and back...
  3. armchair_spacem

    recommended crank arm length for fixed gear

    Whatever you're comfortable with. I ride 170s on my fixie, 172.5 on my roadie, 175 on my MTB, because that's how they came. I'm smoother and more comfortable spinning up the shorter cranks but that might just be me and my pedalling style.
  4. armchair_spacem

    What do you guys all look like?

    Kind of like Homer Simpson, only pale pink.
  5. armchair_spacem

    Kennedy Frames

    Most of Kennedy's frames are built by Kevin Wigham at Paconi in Braeside, though I believe he's now having custom carbon frames made up by a crowd in Qld. John's reasonably competitive and if you're dead keen on John's sizing model maybe take it to a few shops like cecil walker, terry hammond...
  6. armchair_spacem

    New wheel set head aches, help

    Front brake mounted nice and tight? Other than that I'm stumped, especially since Zipp have replaced a wheel already, unless they both came from a dud batch of Zipps. You might just end up wasting a lot of good riding time trying to solve the insoluble - if it were me i'd be talking to the LBS...
  7. armchair_spacem

    New wheel set head aches, help

    Check out your headset - Fork shudder is more likely due to a loose or otherwise compromised headset. Alternatively - are you using the right brake pads for the braking surface on your zipps?
  8. armchair_spacem

    Diff'rent spokes for diff'rent folks?

    Excuse the thread title - I'm trying to get my head around when to use DB vs straight guage spokes: For stiffness & strength (say rear DS, or maybe rear DS & NDS for heavier riders) are straight guage more appropriate than DB? If so, why; if not, why not? Or is this a non-issue if spokes are...
  9. armchair_spacem

    cheap wheelset help

    Try Mike Garcia at - he should be able to build a very nice set of wheels near your price.
  10. armchair_spacem

    Best track sprinter

    Kennedy's walking around Black Rock these days with an eye-patch and a parrot on his shoulder... :D
  11. armchair_spacem

    Best track sprinter

    There's a lot more to come from Flyin' Ryan Bayley. Worth noting that some of his Olympic and World Champs times were slightly overstated as a result of his kick to the line raising his front wheel - many of his times reflect when his BACK wheel crosses.
  12. armchair_spacem

    Asian Cycling

    Tour de Langkawi's always worth a look.
  13. armchair_spacem

    Best Crit Training Regimen

    Race more crits. I'm not kidding.
  14. armchair_spacem

    What nation breeds the best cyclists?

    I don't see Australia in the list? Any one heard of Ryan Bayley? Anna Meares? Robbie McEwen? Baden Cooke? Stuart O'Grady? Graeme Browne and the list goes on...Patterson...Opperman...
  15. armchair_spacem

    Training in the Wind

    As a young up-and-comer in his native Belgium, Eddy Mercz used to go out WITH the wind and come home against it...
  16. armchair_spacem

    853 v ultrafoco v ???

    I've got a semi-compact custom columbus EL-OS (nivachrom) frame that's tig welded and weighs in around 1.7kg. Not light but a buttery smooth ride and it accelerates like a cut cat.
  17. armchair_spacem

    853 v ultrafoco v ???

    Talk to your frame builder guy about Columbus EL-OS (Nivachrom) if you're after durability in the higher end columbus range (and assuming your guy can get it). I was almost dead set on an an 853 custom build but went with the EL-OS in the megatube configuration instead. Rides a little nicer (IMO...
  18. armchair_spacem

    aluminum setback seatpost

    20mm or more for The Thomson setback models only have 16mm of setback, compared to 20mm or 25mm for most conventional seatposts ( I chose my Thomson for that reason - I wanted less setback than a conventional post but more than zero). Posts with a bit more setback than most: Look have a post...
  19. armchair_spacem

    Mavic Rims - recommended spoke tension?

    Calling wheelbuilder experts - anyone know Mavic's recommended spoke tension for CXP30s and CXP33s?? I've emailed the French a couple of times and so far they've been as helpful as they heve been in the gulf.
  20. armchair_spacem

    Cannondale vs Handmade Italian.

    You're going to sully that beautiful cramerotti with that groupset? Man, you'd better soak that shimaNO in extra-virgin olive oil for amonth before you build it up! :-D