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  1. robkit

    Anyone use a TAcx Grand Excel?

    sounds like you need to calibrate it which can be done as one of the setup options. i calibrate using my road bike which has an SRM on it. the wattage reading from the trainer will never match the SRM reality across all power output so i just calibrate it to match the SRM at my threshold power...
  2. robkit

    The Dreaded Winter - Indoor Training Only

    porkyboy i feel your pain. the uk is a hellish place to be a cyclist. training takes a lot of motivation at the best of times, but factor in near-freezing temps, rain and, well, it's the wonder we ever get out in winter. there are 2 kinds of days i think...clear and utterly freezing, or cloudy...
  3. robkit

    SRM Powercontrol V Battery

    I've had my powercontrol over 3 years now and have seen that whereas a full charge was originally good for about 10 rides, now it's good for 2. So it seems like the internal battery has been recharged so many times, it's dying. The advice I've had from SRM is not to open the unit to protect my...
  4. robkit

    Fat loss

    something i found that also helped was doing the londer rides at the end of the day, literally finishing at 9 or 10 pm, then heading off to bed before i spent hours grazing to satisfy my hunger. ok i ocassionally woke up with the sort of agitation which i'm sure was a symptom of hypoglcemia...
  5. robkit

    Fat loss

    in a nutshell you've got to burn more calories than you consume. count what you eat, and remember another couple of important constants... circa 3500 calories in a pound of fat, and basal metabolic rate for a male adult (a day when you dont cycle) is somewhere in the region of 2500 calories, on...
  6. robkit

    Level 6

    There are so many threads on level 4 and 5 intervals but I'm quite interested to know what sort of regimes people have for level 6 work. A problem I have is knowing what sort of power outputs to aim for, partly because I've necer really done them outside of racing. That is, I do enough level 4...
  7. robkit

    L5 Intervals - How often?

    i'm no scientist but as a rider who does them i think, and this is keeping in mind that taking that sort of pain is very much a mind/motivation over matter skill, then - some people say dont do "intervals" more than twice a week - some say only do them if and when you feel motivated, which for...
  8. robkit

    vo2 max intervals.

    yikes i dont have the option to PM mr coggan, would anyone be kind enough to send me a copy they might have to rob AT k1tch DOT com , i would really like to see this spreadsheet: "analysis of individual and team pursuit.xls"
  9. robkit

    vo2 max intervals.

    thanks for the pointer. i had a look at the blog but the link to the excel file seems to be broken?
  10. robkit

    vo2 max intervals.

    there is a lot of discussion about how best to derive an accurate FTP from several methods. i was wondering what is the best way to estimate VO2 max power, besides doing a VO2 max test on an ergometer. i'm thinking when the motivation is not for determination of a smart interval workload but...
  11. robkit

    L5 Efforts, How do you...

    i do 1 minute at the interval power towards the end of my warmup, just to get the legs used to the torque that's going to come when the first interval starts, then just go straight into it.
  12. robkit

    power info for newbie

    i think if your only objective is to minimise your time over a 14k time trial then aside from general endurance training most people would recommend intervals. in particular threshold intervals done at the sort of output (heart rate or power) that you can maintain for 20 mins, done in blocks of...
  13. robkit

    Help with a tour across the Pyrenees

    my suggestion would be to research the Raid Pyreneen, this is a semi formalised ride across the pyrennees, coast to coast, and there is a lot of stuff related to this on the web.
  14. robkit

    Powerbreathe trainer, does it work?

    i think of the body a bit like a car, increasing lung function is a lot like improving the air intake. likewise energy drinks are akin to improving the fuel line. maybe if the engine is already as big as it can be either of those improvements would be worth something, but if it isnt then the...
  15. robkit

    What was Millar using?

    isnt this the biggest problem with the powertap versus SRM... the hub is pretty neat but the head unit looks relatively mickey mouse. if they cant get their act together in improving it why not let somebody else do it for them while selling a few more hubs in the process?
  16. robkit

    What was Millar using?

    could be we're seeing a new anti doping ploy by SRAM... any more than 400w for an hour and the chain is designed to self destruct!
  17. robkit

    Pacing strategy for La Marmotte (cyclo with 4 mountains)

    Based upon my experience in the etape du tour I would say you should aim to ride all but the last climb at an output comfortably within your FTP simply because with the distance, and the heat stress (which increases dramatically as the event progresses from early mornign to mid-day), and likely...
  18. robkit

    Peaks and Plateaus

    well, my CTL has dipped a bit recently due to greater focus on intensity than volume.
  19. robkit

    Peaks and Plateaus

    In recent weeks my threshold intervals have gone pretty well, i've advanced my 20m output in progressive 10w increments to 290w. Something i've noted is that in any effort to "break through" to the next level, the limiting factor has always been my heart rate drifting too high, rather than any...
  20. robkit

    Wireless SRM

    it's going to save 10 mins on installation time, and shelve the risk of breaking the sensor cable, but apart from that i dont see any big advantage. you'd sort of hope the lag time isnt as bad as stated because i recall the 5 second lag on the polar unit i once had and it was terrible.