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  1. JohnO

    carbon rims?

    A couple of years ago, I got a pair of Zipp 404's in tubie on ebay for a (relative) pittance - $700. They are sweet. The ride is velvet smooth, though that may be as much the tubie tires as the carbon rims. Are they faster? On the downhills, definitely. Again, that could be the 58mm rim more...
  2. JohnO

    So Why Are Carbon Cranks Better?

    I love UT, it has lowered the price of the square spindle stuff. Last fall, I picked up a Record carbon crankset with Ti rings, square spindle, on ebay for $160. They were a bit scratched where the pedal/shoe had rubbed, but a few minutes with a polishing wheel and jeweler's rouge had them...
  3. JohnO

    I dream about riding a velocipede. Any suggestions?

    I've tried one out. It's tricky to get going. One foot on the step, one on the ground, both hands reaching way up for the handlebars. Hop a few times to get some forward motion, then leap into the seat and get your feet on the pedals and cranking before you lose speed. Once you get going, it's a...
  4. JohnO

    zonda wheels weight

    I weigh between 175 and 185 depending on how much tasty rubbish I've been devouring lately. Been riding Zondas for over two years, no problems at all. It's a nice wheelset, a good compromise between aero/stiff and comfortable ride. One recommendation - ditch the stock Campy skewers, they weigh...
  5. JohnO

    Grip or lever shifters?

    I didn't like grip shifters on the mtb - every so often, I'd get an accidental shift when I was pulling hard on the handlebars.
  6. JohnO

    Clipless pedal question

    I have a set of the 2 sided shimano pedals. Bought them for my mtb, and lately they've been on a tandem. They work okay on the street. Personally, I don't care for the loose fit for road riding. Some side to side flex on the ball of your foot, not nearly as steady a platform as the campy...
  7. JohnO

    McQuaid has truly lost it

    I tend to agree. F1 is just the very top, and it's tightly controlled by Ecclestone. It's entertainment, not really a sporting contest. They like a death every now and then, adds mystique, which is why the safety regulations aren't nearly as demanding as they are in other motorsports. If...
  8. JohnO

    Leipheimer doping

    Nah, it was Bill Clinton.
  9. JohnO

    Cutting a carbon steerer tube?

    Same here - I cut a carbon seatpost tube with my dremel and a cutting wheel. I did wrap it with duct tape first, not to prevent splintering but for dust containment. You don't want that dust getting loose. Not good to breathe it in.
  10. JohnO

    Any advice on mad dogs?

    I have a similar problem on one my favorite loops near my house. There's a long climb, about a mile and 800 foot rise. About halfway up, an old woman has several rangy dogs that come out after you. After a few passes, they seemed to be relatively harmless, but on that climb I have to keep enough...
  11. JohnO

    What is the truth behind bike weight? Does it really help THAT much?

    All the same, I'd rather put forth a bit more energy on a descent to make up for less weight, than a lot more energy on a climb to make up for more weight. That goes mainly for myself. It was a lot easier for me to drop ten pounds than my bike to drop ten pounds. And on a descent, most of the...
  12. JohnO

    What is the truth behind bike weight? Does it really help THAT much?

    It's the ghost of Boudreaux... well, he never took it to a personal level, but that guy sure knew his stuff.
  13. JohnO

    What is the truth behind bike weight? Does it really help THAT much?

    On the other hand, super stiff frames and wheels tend to hammer you while you're riding, especially if the road isn't perfectly smooth, so there's fatigue to the rider to consider as well. For most of us, it's just personal jewelry. Pretty cool jewelry, though. I look at it as an investment in...
  14. JohnO

    Stallone on HGH

    Agree completely on what they're doing with kids. They tried to feed me that line of malarky with my oldest daughter, she's ADD, need drugs. This, from a school teacher with no medical background. Thank you for that professional opinion. I was a kid once, and didn't see anything in her that...
  15. JohnO


    Seems more like he's obsessed with himself. Saying that Lemond can't hire him because of his bike line and Armstrong's pressure... Lemond has given Armstrong plenty of reasons to not like him, hiring Decanio is way down the list. He's right about the dope, of course. A pity the message is...
  16. JohnO

    Q& A

    Where are you from? Kentucky, USA Where is your favourite location to visit? The bar at the Galt House in Louisville. Stocks over 100 varieties of bourbon. When was the last time you cried? When my mother died. 20 years ago, I still miss her. What is your favourite food? Crab legs and...
  17. JohnO

    Anyone into high end car stereo?

    Why? That's easy - for most of us, out on the highway is the only place you can really crank it up. Try that at home, and you'll have the police knocking on your door, or the family fussing.
  18. JohnO

    Anyone into high end car stereo?

    A fairly modest setup in my 'fun vehicle': Ford F350 w/6.0 diesel, but it keeps me entertained: Pioneer D3 nav unit. My old 8 gig ipod nano lives in the glovebox as a music source, the D3 has a pretty good ipod interface on it's touchscreen. The GPS nav is handy to have on occasion. Alpine...
  19. JohnO

    Where is Michael Rasmussen?

    Just saw his name mentioned, as someone connected with an Austrian blood bank that was being investigated for blood doping. Cyclingnews has the story.
  20. JohnO

    HED Stingers [60]. Anyone ppl/owners oppose?

    A lot depends on where you ride. Most of my riding is on quiet, well maintained back roads that run near horse farms. Wouldn't do to haul a million dollar racehorse on a rough road. I rode my Zipp 404's in tubie pretty much all last summer, never had a problem. Never had a flat either, thank...