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  1. SLS

    Heat wave/Weight loss/ How much fluid?

    A few items missing would be your weight (there are % numbers out there for mild dehydration up to death's doorstep) & how long you rode (to help base your liquid consumption). Generally though the target is to be within a pound or two of your starting weight. For me if I lose 5#'s of liquid I...
  2. SLS

    Injured, but getting on the trainer...How long?

    Dittos for mdbrown's comments - how much you ride depends on how you feel & not pushing it to hard. You don't want to burn yourself out, so you can save some energy for the healing process. Along the same lines getting on the Trainer is also part of the healing process both mentallly &...
  3. SLS

    Armstrong announcement hints at premature retirement

    I will go way out on the limb - and say he might go for all three... Other less likely options Maybe Cheryl is going to have his kid & he will announce they were secretly married or not... Maybe it was just to see how much speculation he could generate & how many cycling journalists he can...
  4. SLS

    For those with shaved or close clipped heads - have quite a selection For me the wraps appear better than the sunscreen factor due to sweating, etc... As long as you aren't growing little horns like Darth Maul had you should be ok, the helmet will still fit on properly
  5. SLS

    Leg and Foot numbness

    Feet no - Hands & what women think men use for a brain - yes (Sorry Hands & balls just sounds a little to off :D ). My bike fit was the problem. You may also want check the tightness of your shoes after you have been riding hard, and maybe loosen them up just a touch. Streching for the leg...
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    Quick Brand Advice

    Brand doesn't matter - only the fit. I prefer Trek's over the others, but that's just me. All 3 have a decent rep last time I checked - not to sure on the specific models you chose.
  7. SLS

    Bicycle saddle life span question.

    Basically for as long as you own your bike - I have a mid 90's Trek bike still with the original seat, it is showing a little wear, but not bad for the age of the bike. If you take reasonable care of your bike & associated equipment, barring accidents everything will last till it is time for a...
  8. SLS

    Clothing/Precautions for Cycling in the Rain

    In sunny Arizona we don't have to worry about the rain to much, however, been there, done that & have the T-Shirt. Gloves - make sure you wear them if you normally don't. WD40 on the chain works pretty good in wet weather (before). Any weather proof cycling jacket for the most part will work...
  9. SLS

    Shaved or unshaved?

    Shaving is such a pain - I only do it towards the start of the big rides I plan on during the season and a few times during that period. No more - once all my road rash heals up, I will be shaving or waxing from here on out. Cleaning the wounds isn't to bad with the hair as most of it is ripped...
  10. SLS

    Brakes touching during ride

    I have never heard of that one - especially on a two month old bike. I know sweat is famous for screwing with stuff when ridden on an indoor trainer seeing it has no where to go but down. (i.e. use a fan or one of those covers to protect the frame, etc...) Even ridden inside I don't see how it...
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    The ultimate sports drink per CC is the new Power Bar one developed by & with CC. I personally go with Half Gatorade or Powerade / Half H20 - to me that is the best mix for taste & drinkability. I also will use a product called Enervit - which helps prevent dehydration, etc... The ultimate...
  12. SLS

    Dan Rather REPLACED!

    The sad thing is if CBS keeps it up the IIM will have more credibility. I see 60 minutes on Wednesday's being pulled if it it gets to bad. For the what is it about? It depends on who or what you listen to but the long & short is - an unnamed source (Top person in Kerry's campaign from some)...
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    Simplest answer, is after a race simply ask around & network with some of the riders on the existing Teams. Depending on your stats, attitude, etc... your day will come. You may also try out riding as a Club member -Research, research, & more research for one that has some contacts / old pro's...
  14. SLS

    Do you ever cycle to "Escape" from anything?

    I got back on to lose the weight. Sometimes I will go for the ride just to get my mind off all the extraniuos **** of the day. Mostly now though it is for fun & self improvement. CAT 3 here I come... I take it you are a retired Marine - nothing to blow up legally (anger mgmt :D ) and needing...
  15. SLS

    Lance's Yellow Shoes in Paris

    For those that think it is bad wearing full Team kits - can you imagine the grief that will occor wearing yellow shoes like that - wait I need to recall this before the flame wars start :p
  16. SLS

    Lance's Yellow Shoes in Paris

    Gold spokes would not last 2 seconds - the spokes & the words Live Strong were gold plated - Glad I missed the shoes during the race:)
  17. SLS

    Front light with bar bag

    I am not sure which bag or light exactly you got - so I will assume the bag is strapped to the nadlebar & hangs below it, same with the light. If so & it is possible with the bracket you have place the light above the bar. If not, on the bag - find someone that can do some sewing and place...
  18. SLS

    Where did "Berry Floor" go??

    It's still there - Upper Left & two stripes down the back like normal Discovery was added on the front Red Stripe (no one was there before)
  19. SLS

    Word of the Day in OLN?

    I started a poll in another thread about this - it should be interseting. Someone had to have won right? As for the race - major Kudo's to OLN, very nice job. Poll -
  20. SLS

    Anyone win the Word of the day contest?

    I know I never won & in the other thread everyone else was saying the same thing. So I am curious at the vey end did anyone mange to win? What a great race though.