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  1. AngoXC

    Have here Rockshox Pilot with AIR

    If your road riding, then I presume Lockout or some sort of compression adjust would be handy...Rock Shox Tora on a budget or if you can stretch it, Recon or Reba.
  2. AngoXC

    Trek 6000, Avid Juicy 3 Brakes noise

    Juicy 3s are usually specced with Cleansweep rotors I believe...if you happen to have the wavvy rotor, then squeaking is quite common with them...not much can be done as this is just the nature of the rotor.
  3. AngoXC

    What fork for XC racing?

    Out of all of them, I think the Reba works out on top purely because we all know Fox tend to be a little pricy. They are magnificant forks (when set up correctly of course) quams whatsoever about them. I ran SIDs for ages and they were very flexy. In regards to Davebee's comments bout...
  4. AngoXC

    Orange Patriot suspension upgrade

    Measure the shock from the center of each mount on each end. This is your eye-to-eye lenght. You will also need the shock stroke lenght...I think this is the amount of shock protruding from the end but I am not sure. This is usually selected specifically for the frame.
  5. AngoXC

    Vote for the better Fork...

    Marzocchi naturally inspire confidance because they are strong forks. Yes, a little weighty but they will last. If I were you Id personally go for a set of Rock Shox Toras. Probably the best combination of adjustments, function, strength and can have anything from travel adjust...
  6. AngoXC

    Dent in my week old Trance 1

    That seatpost doesnt look too happy either...or is that just my eyes because Thomson DONT do that...
  7. AngoXC

    Tektro Auriga disc brakes?

    Fairly low end sort of brake. Features dual pistons unlike the similarly speced Hayes So1e. Its based on the Juicy if I recall correctly. Not a bad little brake but it is base sort of spec. I cant really comment on the performans im affraid.
  8. AngoXC

    Rockshox J3 lockout advice

    Should be a Blue knob on one of the legs with a little padlock symbol. YOu just rotate it untill it stops. The fork should become, well, rigid. Be careful not to subject them to any impacts when they are locked out. The function does not have a 'blow off valve' like its Motion Controled...
  9. AngoXC

    Disk Brakes

    Wickid. You will love disc brakes. The advantages are endless. By wear, I assume your refering to the pad my opinion, they wear quicker then v-brakes. My old bike lasted 4 years on the one set of v-brake pads and since having my new bike equipped with discs, (going on 3 years) ive had...
  10. AngoXC

    fork size questions

    The amount of stress that will put on the headtube...its not advised.
  11. AngoXC

    Patching up a broken K2 frame

    In the site I posted above, they not only re-weld the frame but gusset it. That would probably be the stongest option...and im not sure about the tensile strentgh but with not only a new weld, but a gusset, one would assume the loss in strength would be minimum.
  12. AngoXC

    replacing tektro aquilas with bb5's or bb7's, got a question

    7:54am and its like 28 degrees outside...there are major bushfires on the otherside of town and visability is pretty low. I dont think riding will be a go today :(
  13. AngoXC

    Patching up a broken K2 frame

    Its down here in Australia but these guys have alot to say about alluminium repairs...they claim they can fix anything.
  14. AngoXC

    replacing tektro aquilas with bb5's or bb7's, got a question

    Sounds good to me! Another happy BB customer :rolleyes:
  15. AngoXC

    chain slips when I hit a bump or land hard

    As what was said before, select a gear which the tention in the chain is at a maximum. Also make sure that your derailluers are adjusted...can have an effect on dropping chains. If your still wanting a chain guide,you can get multi-ring guides but i dont think you will be able to keep a third...
  16. AngoXC

    What lubricant for front fork

    True! Oh so true. I use Teflon not for stiction but for general lubrication. And in reference to Drift Drift and Drift... Like this! ;)
  17. AngoXC

    What lubricant for front fork

    I think hes refering to the special "Microlube port" that sits below the reverse I right? Cheers
  18. AngoXC

    What lubricant for front fork

    WD-40 is good for cleaning things but try to used a proper bicycle lubricant...especially for forks. Teflon-based is the best as it is dry and dirt will not gather around the seals/stancheons. NEVER use WD-40 around your brakes.
  19. AngoXC

    Any young RIDERS?

    17, Croydon Hills, Australia! I like riding bikes...infact, thats really all i do.
  20. AngoXC

    Shock stuff

    RST=Your problem. They are buget forks and often the quality just isnt there. My advice, get a new set of forks. If your on a budget, Manitou Axel Super RTWD...