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  1. moneyman

    Cyclist are wussies and motorcyclist are manly men

    I completely agree with you. People driving cars there is also a common thought that all cyclist are a danger in traffic and should be removed immediately whilst bikers are thinking that motor vehicle drivers are lazy people who are not willing to ride a bike and won't therefore respect them.
  2. moneyman

    Tips to lose weight without dieting

    Good thread since I am myself trying to lose some weight. However the basic idea of losing weight is in conclusion to eat less calories than you are able to consume.
  3. moneyman

    How to be seen and safe from all directions

    I have acquired LED lights for my bike to be seen in the traffic. If it is even a little bit dark I put then on immediately to prevent accidents. In my opinion it is futile to keep them on at the day time.
  4. moneyman

    Cycling and music

    I listen to the music only if I am riding country roads since in the city it would be too dangerous. You have to hear what is happening around you and it many countries it is illegal to listen to music at the same time when riding a vehicle.
  5. moneyman


    In my opinion banana is a good training food and it keeps the feel of hungriness away a long time. In addition it includes vitamines.
  6. moneyman

    Cleaning and making the bike look good

    I usually wash my bike properly once a week depending how much I ride with it. In the summer season I wax the frame once a month to keep it spotless and to upkeep the value of the bike.
  7. moneyman

    Redbull Vs. Pepsi ?

    I drink Red Bull occasionally if I need a boost but Pepsi hardly ever even though Pepsi is good with a slice of pizza.
  8. moneyman

    Commuting In The Rain

    If the weather forecast shows it is going to rain I always grab a one time use rain coat with me to prevent being in wet clothing the whole day. In addition I acquired new wider mudguards for my bike to prevent mud getting on my equipment or clothes.
  9. moneyman

    Summer heat discourages cycling

    I have been feeling the same way since the weather conditions are improving quite quickly and therefore I feel less eager to climb on a bike and go for a ride. 20 degrees is still quite comfortable but anything above 30 is just a pain in the ass.
  10. moneyman

    Are biking shoes really useful?

    At first I thought biking shoes would be useless and I rode with regular running shoes all the time. However, after a couple of months of hard training my feet became sore had to stop riding for a while. I bought good quality biking shoes and haven't had any problems after that. In addition it...
  11. moneyman

    Storage solution indoors?

    I considered of taking my bike to my apartment for winter season although decided not to since my apartment is so small. However I found a warm storage place for it which not only keeps the bike safe from thieves but protects it from weather.
  12. moneyman

    How do you feel about child seats on bikes?

    It is a good idea to carry a child in these kind of seats and I have sat on them when I was a kid. Those could be a little dangerous but it is easy to take a child with you wherever you may go.
  13. moneyman

    power-assist,is it bicycling or not ?

    The answer is quite simple. If you are only using a help of an electric motor for instance in uphills then it is bicycling if you pedal once in a while. However if you are running with electric motor full time then it is just electric biking.
  14. moneyman

    Favorite Time Of Year To Ride?

    I prefer cycling in the summer when the weather is clear and sunny. A nice addition is if the sun is setting down or early in the morning. On the other side I hate riding a bike in too hot weather conditions.
  15. moneyman

    College is just too expensive nowadays!

    As a college student I know that those tuition fees can be quite high in some countries for instance In USA. It needs a wealthy family, student loan or enough working to acquire a degree. However I myself live in Europe where going to college is free of charge although there is always expenses...
  16. moneyman

    Banning Night Riding

    Banning night riding would not be the solution for this problem. It is only lack of common sense to not act safely in the traffic and use at least one lightning equipment.
  17. moneyman

    Would A Commute Bag With Built-in Lights Make Sense?

    It would be a great addition to be seen better in the dark winter season. It seriously grinds my gears when someone is for example riding or jogging without any lights. They are quite hard to spot in traffic.
  18. moneyman

    Children On Bikes

    It sometimes looks really dangerous when really young children are riding with their parents. They drive really slow and don't watch where they are going or is someone behind them.
  19. moneyman

    Not many daylight hours here for riding

    The less daylight the more people should use lighting equipment as they are outside in the dark. It helps other notice you in the traffic and may prevent you from getting hit.
  20. moneyman

    You're Favourite Snacks?

    Pizza is a good snack and it includes a plenty of carb. In addition I might drink a protein milkshake afterwards.