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  1. Bullseye_blam

    Pacing for Silvermine Time Trial???

    "Human Supercomputer? Time Trial Pacing" you've read this link, right? how precisely did you want to plan out this TT? -Eric
  2. Bullseye_blam

    What's your CTL ceiling?

    Another thing to consider is how much you are racing. It may be easier to attain a higher CTL when following your specific training plan rather than racing a lot [which may not optimize your training efforts and therefore not allow you to reach a CTL ceiling as high as could be possible]. -Eric
  3. Bullseye_blam

    SpinScan data

    At the very least, you started this conversation and learned something from it. No one said learning was free. :p -Eric
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    Vino Pacing with Power?

    If you can determine that from a tiny 200 x 156 pixel image, you are godlike. ;) -Eric
  5. Bullseye_blam

    Poll: What's your Functional Threshold power?

    the holster 370 67 5.52 Camoscio 340 62 5.48 scotmart 385 72 5.35 19:58 (47:21 on a 37.8km course) musher 340 64 5.31 clausfod 414 78 5.307 bigmatt 396 75 5.28 joemw 354 68 5.20 whoawhoa 335 655 5.15 gvanwagner 325 64 5.08 MikeMUK 360 72 5.01 c.walton 325 65 5.00 BullGod 340 69 4.93 musher 318...
  6. Bullseye_blam

    TSB seems wrong

    I can attest to this one. I've been struck with the "my CTL/TSB looks fine yet I hate life every time I try to train" syndrome. So this may or may not be the issue, but do make sure you're eating enough. -Eric
  7. Bullseye_blam

    High 5-minute power; Increasing FTP?

    This really has nothing to do with the accuracy of your PT; I was suggesting this based off of your aerobic/anaerobic capacity as predicted by the model. I'm simply saying that I think you are cutting yourself short. You may disagree of course, but I don't think the accuracy of the power meter...
  8. Bullseye_blam

    High 5-minute power; Increasing FTP?

    Thanks for the replies so far. They are definitely encouraging. Hmm... My opinion is that [email protected]%, based on your description, my gut, and the Monod/Scherrer CP model, would tell me that you are perhaps not training hard enough. For example, my CP model tells me my FTP should be around 248...
  9. Bullseye_blam

    High 5-minute power; Increasing FTP?

    Yes, you are correct. I'm not patting myself on the back here. ;) And to your earlier comment, I have a 3.5 mile road looping around an airport that's almost totally flat and there are no stops. I only recently discovered it, and I'll be using it more often to do SST training. Bikeguy: I...
  10. Bullseye_blam

    High 5-minute power; Increasing FTP?

    Hello, I probably already know the answer to my question, but I suppose I'm just looking for a bit of validation through personal experience of members here. A week ago, I hit a 5-minute power of 365 watts [average] over a short 2.3 mile course. However, my FTP, as I tested it yesterday with...
  11. Bullseye_blam

    Power Training burnout?

    hah. lousy chance of that happening! -Eric
  12. Bullseye_blam

    Get well

    Alex, I'm glad you're still in good spirits. I'll be sure to continue reading your blog when you return to posting. All the best for you. -Eric
  13. Bullseye_blam

    FTP Mentioned in Floyd Landis' Trial

    I thought this was interesting. It's neat to see that training with power/FTP were mentioned in this trial [even if the context is a poor one]. Note: I don't support doping or the use of drugs, but I figured I'd pass this along...
  14. Bullseye_blam

    Accuracy of power profile?

    I believe Dr. Coggan has stated in the past that the labels are not necessarily accurate [and that he was not even in support of using them]. I think the most important use of the chart is to see the absolute maximum that was tested, as well as the ability to compare watts/kilogram among the...
  15. Bullseye_blam

    7.64 W/kg at Threshold?

    not that I really know, but I'm guessing that you would also refer to high-altitude training as hematocrit manipulation. -Eric
  16. Bullseye_blam

    Suggestions for power training

    I agree with this. If you do most of your riding in the local rides, you're probably not maximizing your FTP, which is a good indictator of fitness. You would probably benefit by doing longer sustained efforts at high intensity, which either a power meter or KK power computer would help guide...
  17. Bullseye_blam

    powertap problems

    Yes, there are plenty who don't have problems. We typically don't post saying how "problem-free" we are. ;) That being said, I think the 2.4 is more prone to problems than the SL, so this may factor into your decision of which model to get [not whether to get one or not!] -Eric
  18. Bullseye_blam

    Overtraining prediction from "Stress index" in Cyclingpeaks

    Yes, it can, if you know how to read the graphs, of course [this information is all freely available]. -Eric
  19. Bullseye_blam

    Overtraining prediction from "Stress index" in Cyclingpeaks

    I entirely agree. It's just a heart rate monitor with some software that tries to incorporate training stress. i.e. really not very useful when compared to a true power meter. -Eric
  20. Bullseye_blam

    Powertap dilemma

    Clearly the problem is that you have color vision. You should do something about that. -Eric