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  1. wheelist

    Changing cassette and chain

    It's probably going to cost you as much to buy the tools as it is to take it to the shop, so if you're looking at doing this as a one-time job, never to be repeated then take it to the LBS. But if you're gonna do this again at some point, then why not invest in the tools and save yourself some...
  2. wheelist


    I'm certain that a litre is just less than 2 pints. I know this because I'm never able to get a whole second pint of Guinness into my water-bottle and have to drink the dregs before I set off on my return trip home. :D Any tips for getting your boss to install a shower? I've been trying for...
  3. wheelist

    First ride ever on my SS

    Nope. You didn't make a mistake. Uphills will kill you at first! They get easier each time though. Toe clearance can be particularly tight (or non-existent) on track-type frames. My toes touch my wheel even without fenders (mudguards). The secret is only to travel very fast, so you can lean the...
  4. wheelist

    Lets see your Fixedgear and SS bikes!

    Here's my second fixie: fished the frame from a skip! More info here: Cheers, Steve
  5. wheelist

    70 feet backflip on snow with a bike ......just huge!

    Woot. I think this means I don't need to hire a board and bindings this year!! :rolleyes:
  6. wheelist

    Why wait for cycle lanes? Make your own!

    I think you spend the day waiting for night to arrive. :p
  7. wheelist

    Why wait for cycle lanes? Make your own!

    Just blogged this new concept light which creates it's own bike lane: I wonder if it will ever make it to production and whether you might use one if it did? :confused:
  8. wheelist

    Guys wearing yellow jerseys

    Too bright! Too bright! My eyes! My eyes! Turn it down!:p
  9. wheelist

    So you suck at cycling,now what?

    Please Mr Huskey, no swearing on the forum. ;)
  10. wheelist

    Guys wearing yellow jerseys

    My mates have begun forcing me to wear yellow after witnessing the incredible speeds I don't achieve on offroad downhills. They also make clucking noises and flap their arms when they pass me. :rolleyes: I sometimes try to go faster of course, but I find wearing a yellow top and brown...
  11. wheelist

    Do single-speed bikes wear longer/better?

    With regard to the issue of brakes - here in the UK you're legally obliged to have 2 sets of brakes in order to ride on the road. A fixed wheel is considered to be a type of brake, given than you can slow the bike by reducing the speed of pedalling (though this isn't easy!), therefore you only...
  12. wheelist

    Motobecane mountain bikes?..

    I have a complaint. My first MTB (1988) was a Motobecane and the paint job was just ghastly. Orange, Lime Green and Yellow. Like fruity vomit. :D
  13. wheelist

    Who blogs their cycling adventures?

    I've been spouting my random cycle based thoughts at Wheelism for far too long. Some people seem to like it though, and it's time better spent than working. Just don't tell my boss I said that. :D
  14. wheelist jersey????

    Nomad, How do we proceed with this? Seems there's plenty of interest, we have a Nalini phone number, and the design is finalised (though I'm not sure about colours - perhaps a poll to decide a colour?) An order from would be great - I'd be happy to use Paypal to prepay and wait for an order...
  15. wheelist

    A mask for cyclist?

    There's no such thing as a vegetarian cyclist. :D Hey Don!
  16. wheelist

    Red light jumping.

    Christian Wolmar makes some good points about cyclists RLJing in his new online blog: I'm in the enviable position of not having a single set of lights on my 30 mile daily commute, just a couple of lollipop ladies who always say hello...
  17. wheelist

    xc girl need big help

    Go to your Local Bike Shop (LBS) and get a packing box (they'll most likely give you one or two for free, as once their bikes arrive the boxes just clog up space). Turn your bars sideways. Take your pedals off or mount them on the other side of your cranks, so they face inwards. Lower your tyre...
  18. wheelist

    Road v MTB km's?

    Somewhere between your 50k Saturday and your 80k Sunday depending on the trail. The distance should be no problem for you - the daily getting back on the saddle with a sore **** is what hurts. JR might be right about the suspension - I'm not sure. What I do know is that all my extended rides...
  19. wheelist

    What are you building now?

    JTR - get yourself down to the local scrap heap/tip/caravan park and ask if they have any old bikes you can rescue. They're usually free and you can learn how to take them apart and rebuild without worrying about getting the wrong bits/wasting cash etc. The rule about handlebar/seatpost...
  20. wheelist

    I hate specialized bikes

    Didn't Specialized start out as an MTB company? I rode a steel Stumpjumper Team for a couple of years (many, many moons ago)- the nicest off the peg MTB I've ever had. I didn't ever have any problems with it, unless you count it being so attractive that some ******* nicked it. And I've...