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  1. Sunflogun

    Water Bottle

    So, I was about to buy a water bottle support for my bike, when I noticed I didn't measure the holes to fix it. I went back to the bike and it has no holes lol. All the new bikes are like this these days?
  2. Sunflogun

    Extreme Balance

    Here's something I'd never do!
  3. Sunflogun

    Extreme Balance

    Here's something I'd never do!
  4. Sunflogun

    20 Most Bike Friendly Cities

    Wired article, really good! The 20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities on the Planet
  5. Sunflogun

    Can This Be Real?

    This has to be a joke right?
  6. Sunflogun

    Pro's Lane

  7. Sunflogun

    The Example Comes From Above

    Check out the Dutch PM coming to work riding the bike. ;)
  8. Sunflogun

    Carrying Water

    I think that carrying water is something basic when we are riding our bike, and it's really easy to put a bottle in the bike support. Sadly I've lost a few of these bottles, I tend to leave them behind when I stop somewhere lol! Any tips not to lose them or I just need to pay more attention...
  9. Sunflogun

    Keeping The Pants Clean

    This might seem a minor issue, but in my case it's not. When commuting it's pretty common that for some reason the pants get dirty with oil or something other. Changing clothes it's hardly practical when I arrive to work, so what's the best solution to arrive to work with the pants clean...
  10. Sunflogun

    Do We Need Something Extra?

    Riding the bike, depending on the distance we ride, can really be demanding to our body. In this case do you think supplements are really necessary or with just proper training and nutrition we can achieve maximum (or desired :)) performance?
  11. Sunflogun

    Bicycle Safety

    Just bumped into this interesting campaign relating road safety. I do agree with everything it says because we are a vehicle when we are at the road and we need to respect the rules, as well as being respected.
  12. Sunflogun

    Where Is The Limit?

    Most of us that have been riding our bikes for sometime and have been riding long distances know that the body has it's limits. So how can the professionals endure all those efforts, riding 3-5 hours daily and at high speeds? Is it possible to do it without drugs? I recall the scandal of the...