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  1. free_rideman

    Need Saddle Recommendations

    I am going to be buying a selle an-atomica in about a week. Can't wait!
  2. free_rideman

    Sram Force Vs. Dura Ace

    I don't get any of you. campy shifters are the best. Why? Because they have a lot of f**king trim. Also they can easily be rebuilt, not like shimano. (that is if you have any type of mechanical logic) Lastly is the fact that all campy shifters are pretty much the same, from veloce to...
  3. free_rideman

    Advice for building a wheelset for cyclocross

    I am going to build a pair of cross/heavy riding wheels soon. They will have salsa delgado cross rims with shimano 105 hubs and wheelsmith spokes. Probably double butted. Salsa delgado is a nice rim in that it is 22.5mm wide, and fairly strong since it isn't too light. You can save weight...
  4. free_rideman

    Put your life on the line for a stranger

    This is one of the greatest threads ever. Thanks.
  5. free_rideman

    Etiquette Question

    Wow! That is stupid and dangerous. If I ever was in that situation I would just tell it how it is. And that probably would include some interesting language. But if you aren't that type of person, just smiling and saying "thank you" is the best you can do.
  6. free_rideman

    Chamois Cream - How Much?

    I didn't have chafing problems, but the reason I started using chamois cream was to keep the chamois lubed up. Before I would sweat and the chamois would get stuck to my skin in weird positions. Now the Chamois and even seat (because it goes through) are lubed and it is much more comfortable...
  7. free_rideman

    whats your favorite saddle???

    Toupe and alias saddles! The only saddles that after a ride, make me feel as though I didn't ride. And the Toupe is better than the Alias in my opinion, but the Toupe takes about 2 weeks to get used to. Then it is perfection.
  8. free_rideman

    How to put a chris king headset on?

    Yes, you can buy conversoin kits for about $50+ if I remember correctly.
  9. free_rideman

    How to put a chris king headset on?

    Maybe people should be more direct to there bike shop? Tell them the truth. See what they do.
  10. free_rideman

    Chamois Cream - How Much?

    I just put a lot on there. Maybe even too much. Anyways, once you ride with chamois cream there is no going back.
  11. free_rideman

    What's the best clipless pedals for a newbie roadie with bad knees?

    If you have bad knees, definitely go with speedplay pedals. They have the most float which shouldn't cause any pressure on your joints. I have a friend that has bad knees, and these are the only pedals he can really ride with. But go to a LBS and check them out first.
  12. free_rideman

    Threaded Valves - WHY?

    Jesus! You can buy a new chuck for your pump for about $5 USD. My friend's pump chuck only died now and it has served him for six years of presta inflation. Not a reason to ***** about. They are just tubes. And yes the little nut is a cool feature. It makes putting the chuck on much easier.
  13. free_rideman

    Threaded Valves - WHY?

    That is why you are supposed to hold the valve stem when taking off the inflator head. Common sense, since the rubber is much weaker than other tubes with thicker walls.
  14. free_rideman

    Bike buying woes: What's wrong with bike shops?

    Not to offend anyone, but test riding a bike is more for the beginner than anything else. My last bike was a fully custom bike. So everything was bought seperatly and then put together by me. (of course I bought all the components at my LBS, they price match :p when they can) Anyways, how...
  15. free_rideman

    Strongest Seat Post

    A heavier seatpost doesn't mean that it is stronger. It is all about the location of the material that matters. And many seatposts out there are just made and priced to get a profit. Meaning there is nothing special about them except their brand name. Each company has their "real" product...
  16. free_rideman

    No Kick Stand

    First of all there really is nothing you can mount the kick stand too. And road bikes are meant to ride. There are plenty of things you can lean them up against. And you would lean them up, using the handlebar and seat, not the frame. This way you ensure no scratches or of a chance that the...
  17. free_rideman

    Strongest Seat Post

    Again, another one for the Thomson. Not only is it one good looking seat post, but is light, and it has a beautiful clamp. All a plus is the super strength and it cost much less than some other **** post out there. A good bike shop should give it to you for $70, the elite seatpost that is...
  18. free_rideman

    Sidi Shoe Squeeks

    One thing that could be happening is your shoe might be rubbing on the crank arm.
  19. free_rideman

    New pedals clicking

    There could be a problem with the cleat being mounted wrong to the shoe. Or something with the shoe sole itself.
  20. free_rideman

    New pedals clicking

    You or the bike shop might need to overhaul the pedals. From the factory they come with less grease then they should come with. And the factory can do so much to keep foreign objects out. My Dura Ace pedal made a weird sound just by spinning it, without me even on the bike. I then overhauled...