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  1. Solanog

    Are biking shoes really useful?

    I wouldn't ride without them. Don't know about efficiency but nothing worse that coming downhill in a rocky road and loosing grip of your pedals! That was scary. Latest bikes I have bought the pedals before I even decided on which bike, others have been going from the old one to the new one...
  2. Solanog

    How often do you use the drop Handlebars?

    Very little, mostly going down but after a while I get some discomfort specially around the back of the neck. Generally ride on the hoods. When going up steep hills I still go on the hoods and on the top bar when climbing seated.
  3. Solanog

    Cycling shorts: necessary or wasteful?

    They very comfortable I would say they are not wasteful.
  4. Solanog

    Maxxis detonator harsh ride.

    I really don't care that much about thread life, I don't ride that much and any tire I've used has lasted more than enough. I have had very few flats in years riding bikes so maybe tires have been good or I have been lucky, with tubulars punctures have happened much more often. So I like good...
  5. Solanog

    Maxxis detonator harsh ride.

    I used to ride on Vittorias! In fact for tubulars is the only ones I've had. Vittorias are excellent tires from my point of view but here in Costa Rica they have become a little too expensive so there is not much availability. And yes it is surprising the difference between tires. As I wrote...
  6. Solanog

    Maxxis detonator harsh ride.

    I just got a red pair of Detonators and my back was detonated! I had a pair of Serfas Seca which resisted to die but were already showing the age, some cracks showed. So I got a new pair of Detonators, at the same pressure, around 110psi they felt quite more roug than the older tires. I went...
  7. Solanog

    Toe Clips to Clipless pedals

    Go ahead with the clipless, they are not unsafe, you'll get used to them and would not look back! I cannot tell how faster you'll be but it feels great, shoes play a big part on this, rigid outsoles help a lot and are very confortable.
  8. Solanog

    Entry level wheelset

    Well I have a set of Aksium which are lower than ksirium or whatever they are called. I have no complains, I weight more than 92kg and roads in Costa Rica are far from smooth and we have a lot of hills. So eventhough they may have a low spole count they are strong. Going down a road I hit a...
  9. Solanog

    Your Preferred Groupset ...

    I've had Shimano both MB and RB they work flawlessly. My newest bike is a RB that i put up together with Ultegra 6600 this works like a dream. After comparing it to 105 which I own in my older bike it feels better, this 105 is and old model. The new 105 vs Ultegra I don't see much difference...
  10. Solanog

    LX SLX mix

    My bicycle has all LX components from about 4 years ago it's a 9speed. Now I need to change the chain and cassette. Could I get a 10spd SLX and only get new shifters, chain and cassette? I know the rear deraileur may not be long enough for the 36 sprocket riding in the big chainring but...
  11. Solanog

    105 vs. Rival

    Hondas will outlast Toyotas and won't make you crash because the gas pedal got stuck
  12. Solanog

    Shimano SPD

    Now I remembered once I had a very strange noise, something like ratcheting sound. I stopped and checked wheels and everything once and many times and was not able to find the source of the noise. After checking EVERYTHING in the bike and after various rides being worried about the bike coming...
  13. Solanog

    Shimano SPD

    Are you sure the pedals are the source of this noise? Not that they couldn't be but rule out any other possibilities. After 2000 miles they may require some greasing but that is not that much for them to need overhaulin! I've had similar noises and eventhough my first suspects were the pedals...
  14. Solanog

    Shimano 105 Drivetrain Upgrade

    I'm using a Shimano 600 RD in an 8 speed 105 setup without any issues, this same RD was in a 5spd setup working perfectly, 5sp was not indexed so no issues. I'm quite sure I can use it with the 10 speed Ultegra as well as I can use the 10spd Ultegra with the 8sp 105.
  15. Solanog

    Clicking in 4th gear

    Is the rear deraileur well adjusted?
  16. Solanog

    2010 Force or 6700 Ultegra

    I've only played with SRAM in the shop so can't state nothing about it's performace. I've read in specialized magazines that SRAM is noisy but precise. I own the 6600 Ultegra, it is less than a year old, in my newest bike. I had an old 8 spd 105 on another bike. 6600 is a great improvement I...
  17. Solanog

    chain rubs against top chainring when in 10th gear

    This was a question I've had for many years but since it happens not only in one bike I thought it was normal as you have explained. In the 9th gear it does not happen but I have to adjust the trimming for the Fron dera.... So the no gos are the two big ones with the big chainring and the two...
  18. Solanog

    Heart rate monitor, Advice needed

    I{m not aware of current models but Sigma Sport makes good HRM. I've got two of them and the older one is no less than 10 years old and still works. I has been ridden under rain and no issues. The newer one is at least 6 years old and works flawlessly. They are a good value. I really don't...
  19. Solanog

    value of 2003 Giant TCR composite frame

    Are you selling or buying?
  20. Solanog

    Which clipless pedals and shoes for road and off road riding?

    I got old Ultegra spd pedals in my RB and Shimano spd for the MB. I wear Spiuk MB shoes and the work perfectly with any of those pedals. There are very comfortable and stiff enough, have some fiberglass sole. Before I owned some Diadora shoes and work in the same set up, Spiuks are way more...