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    Progressive Overload and CTL

    It's an interesting hypothetical methematical exercise, but it needs a lot more detail ot really discuss it. First, we need to define "constant." If you are not doing the exact same TSS-point workouts every day, your CTL will vary. Do you mean the same every day? Or within a certain margin...
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    Seeking advice on a new potential product

    Your biggest problem is that they seem to require laces to secure them in place and cycling shoes almost never have laces.
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    How to take advantage knowing Power Rating

    I think my power meter was one of the best training investments I've ever made (along with the Allen & Coggan book to learn how to use it). I just don't think the estimates that Strava makes are very useful.
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    How to take advantage knowing Power Rating

    Strava's power numbers are a wild guess estimate. They do not account for drafting, wind, sprints, body composition, or anything else. Just a rough guess of someone of your approximate weight burning kilojoules over a course of that length and grade, with longer courses being more accurate due...
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    RPE of L2

    Very cool. Thanks!
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    RPE of L2

    Dave, that's really interesting. What is the formula for calculating force based on power and cadence?
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    Time Trial Training

    As great as those books are, there's always room for interpretation and questions about application. Neither one is 100% prescriptive for a training program. To get that, you'd need to purchase one of their training programs or hire them as coaches.
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    Time Trial Training

    I didn't mean for you to make Wednesday a longer ride. I meant for you to use it as a semi-recovery ride on the days between intense workouts :-)
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    Time Trial Training

    I'd also think about decreasing the Wednesday ride to just Z2 (or even Z1). Personally, I usually structure the week with VO2 on Tuesday and LT on Thursday, assuming that you get in the higher intensty day first and don't need as much power on Thursday (and have more steam for a longer...
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    Time Trial Training

    Generally, it depends on the length and terrain of the TTs you're doing. If you are only doing 40K on flat ground, then FTP is the primary goal. As soon as you add hills, then you might want to do some VO2 work so you can climb better (expecting to recover a bit on the descent). If you...
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    Hooking my bike up to the trainer

    You can hook up any bike you want to the trainer (assuming it has smooth tires) and not worry about damage from just a ride or two. If you are going to ride it on the trainer all winter, then you might want to drape a towel over it or get a sweat net to prevent rust. The trainer will wear out...
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    My Goal - 20 Miles in an Hour

    One of the pace ideas that I came across that I liked was this: If your goal is to go 20 mph for an hour, try doing that as an interval workout. Maybe it's 20 mph for 10 minutes at a time for 6 intervals or 20 mph for 20 minutes at a time for 3 intervals. That way you start to get used to the...
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    One of my last 'crazy' posts, hey Slowtwitch

    Did you gain any weight? Is your position on the bike any different?
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    Test power of 20 minutes: In plain or uphill?

    Yes, not only CAN they be different; they SHOULD be different. If the numbers from a flat test and an uphill test were ever the same, I'd start questioning whether other variables like wind, fatigue, or equipment differences caused the hill number to be artificially low..
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    Test power of 20 minutes: In plain or uphill?

    It depends on what you want to know: What your threshold is on a climb or what your threshold is on a flat. The climb will almost always be higher due to your position on the bike and more constant resistance against you. It's not about what it best overall but what number is more useful...
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    HR vs Power with Threshold Training

    By trying to use both power and heart rate at the same time, you're messing yourself up. If you're trying to spend 10 minutes in L3 to L4,, then that's what you do. You keep your wattage in that range (which as spiky as wattage is, it requires you to pay much closer attention that you woul...
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    The most over-rated cyclists...

    I don't think it's quite the same comparison. Ullrich just kind of followed Armstrong around like a little puppy every year. At least Schleck attacks and tries to get rid of Contador.
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    Two questions I'd appreciate help with. :)

    1) Don't know much about England, so I can't say. 2) If you're finishing in the top 10 of almost every race you enter and you have upgraded to the highest amateur category (In the US, that's Cat 1, but I don't know how the system works on your side of the Atlantic), then you have at least...
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    Average Power without zeros?

    Some people won't be convinced, not matter how much evidence you put before them. The best source for this is Coggan's book, Training and Racing with a Power Meter.
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    Average Power without zeros?

    He's oblivious and has no idea how to use his power meter. by his logic, you could do a 1000 watt sprint then coast downhill for an hour and have a 1000 watt average for an hour.